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Magazines and Periodicals devoted to or Articles about the R.M.S. Titanic

Features Publications that were entirely devoted to the Titanic or had substantive articles about the Titanic.

Ancestry Magazine

Ancestry Magazine - The Unsinkable Titanic - Researching Steamship Passengers
The sinking of the Titanic happened almost a hundred years ago (1912) and the story still fascinates the world. The tragedy was reported in newspapers everywhere. This article includes information about researching ancestors who were passengers on steamships.

Life Magazine

Titanic: The Tragedy That Shook The World - One Century Later (2012)
Highly Recommended souvenir book by Time/Life offers extraordinary historical photographs and new photographs of the wreck of the Titanic. Superb illustrations makes this edition perfect for the Titanic collector and enthusiast alike.

National Geographic

How We Found Titanic - December 1985
Titanic, whose very name rang with invincibility, thus became a symbol. Her sudden disappearance enhanced an already mythical reputation. Now her dark grave has been penetrated for the first time in 73 years. The team that found her tells the story in this issue.

A Long Last Look At Titanic - December 1986
Not since Custer led the Seventh Cavalry against Indians at the Little Bighon has a fatal mistake so captured public imagination as the "unsinkable" Titanic being driven into an iceberg field at full speed.

Epilogue For Titanic - October 1987
Robert Ballard's hope that Titanic should remain undisturbed was not realized. Last July (1986) a French expedition began to retrieve artifacts from the wreck site. Its actions were roundly critized as grave robbing - for the line between curiosity and acquisitiveness seems to have been crossed.

Titanic - Collector's Edition - National Geographic Society - 1997
THE NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY IS NO DIFFERENT FROM THE REST OF THE WORLD IN its fascination with Titanic, the luxurious liner tragically lost on her maiden voyage in 1912. We do differ, however, in that we've been privileged to bring her story to life, primarily through the words and pictures of two pioneers.

Titanic: Tragedy in Three Dimensions - August 1998
In 1991 high-intensity lighting systems allowed filmmakers to record Titanic in unprecedented detail. Here, made possible with computer-video-editing tools, are never before seen 3-D images from that expedition.

Titanic: What Really Happened - Exclusive New Photos of the Wreck - April 2012
The April 2012 issue of the National Geographic returns to the story of the most infamous ship ever built -- the Titanic of the White Star Line. This edition focuses on the crash scene and recreates the events on 14-15 April 1912 thanks to new technology.

Titanic Commutator

The Titanic Commutator, Summer, 1980
This issue provides a memorial for the then president of the Titanic Historical Society, William Harris Tantum IV. Other lenghty articles included the Cunard Archives at Liverpool Univeristy and an Essay on the Titanic. Issue in Black and White.
The Titanic Commutator, November 2000, Journal of the Titanic Historical Society
This issue features an in-depth article about the JP Morgan Combine of several transatlantic shipping companies in 1902 called the International Mercantile Marine Company.
The Titanic Commutator, February 2001, Journal of the Titanic Historical Society
This issue includes the conclusion of S.S. Atlantic - One of Ismay's Triumphs And His First Major Disaster, and an article on R.M.S. Olympic, the sister ship of the Titanic called "Evolution Of A Design."
The Titanic Commutator, Volume 25, Number 153, Quarterly Journal
Issue 153 from 2001 focuses on the loss of the Oceanic II and features an article on an Incident at Bar Harbor, Kronprinzessin Cecilie as Olympic. Other articles of interest include the explanation behind the change in ship rescue distress calls (C.Q.D. to S.O.S.).
The Titanic Commutator, Volume 25, Number 154, 2001 Quarterly Journal
The secular history in Belfast at the time of Olympic and Titanic building, an overlooked aspect of the liners' story is put into perspective.
The Titanic Commutator, Volume 36, Number 193, Quarterly Journal
Featured extensive article on the Life and Times of Mrs. Henry B. (Renee) Harris, wife of the Broadway Impresario Henry B. Harris owner of the Hudson Theatre. Additional stories about the White Star Line Freight Steamship Naronic and Colonel Astor’s Funeral – Reports from Contemporary Newspapers Detailing the Journey of Colonel Astor from Halifax to the Church of the Messiah in Rhinebeck.
The Titanic Commutator, Volume 36, Number 194, Quarterly Journal
This issue of the Titanic Commutator features Part 2 of Broadway Dame: The Life and Times of Mrs. Henry B. Harris and the R.M.S. Teutonic, Luxury Ship of the White Star Line.
The Titanic Commutator, 3rd Quarter 2011, Official Journal of The Titanic Historical Society, Inc.
Issue features articles highlighting the Titanic Heritage Tour and an Introduction to the Rhinebeck Area. Reprint of a 1903 article on the International Mercantile Marine Company is included.
The Titanic Commutator, 4th Quarter 2011, Official Journal of The Titanic Historical Society, Inc.
This issue features an article about four newspaperwomen who reported on the Titanic disaster. Other articles included a commentary on the Responsibility for the Titanic Disaster, The Oceanic HOuse of the White Star Line and information about the 2012 Titanic Historical Society Convention next April.
Titanic Commutator, 1st Quarter 2012, Official Journal of The Titanic Historical Society, Inc.
This issue focuses on "Unsinkable Ships" by reviewing books, articles, advertisements and ephemera from the early 1900s. Other articles cover the R.M.S. Olympic building and early history, and the recollections of leaving Queenstown (Cobh) and the titanic based on correspondence of survivor Katie Gilnaugh Manning.
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