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National Geographic Magazine - December 1986

National Geographic, December 1986 - Titanic Collection

Not since Custer led the Seventh Cavalry against Indians at the Little Bighon has a fatal mistake so captured public imagination as the "unsinkable" Titanic being driven into an iceberg field at full speed.


December 1986

A Long Last Look At Titanic

Robert D. Ballard, co-leader of the expedition that found the historic shipwreck last year, returns for a detailed exploration, aided by two ingenious seeing-eye undersea vehicles. - Page 698

Westminster, the Palace That Became Parliament

Over the centuries a onetime royal residence in London has been transformed into the permanent home of Britain's lawmaking body. Patrick Cormack, member of the House of Commons, traces its history and traditions. Photographs by Adam Woolfitt. - Page 728

Halley's Comet

The dazzling traveler that many watchers missed revealed its secrets to telescope, spacecraft, and jet aircraft, Rick Gore reports. - Page 758

Ghosts on the Little Bighorn

After a 1983 prairie fire cleared brush along Montana's Little Bighorn River, archaeologists recovered artifacts that shed new light on Custer's Last Stand. Robert Paul Jordan reports on the still controversial 1876 battle. Photographs by Scott Rutherford. - Page 787

Northern Plains Map

A double supplement traces the center of our continent from frontier days to the present.

Tsetse—the Deadly Fly

Scourge to cattle and humans alike in Africa, the tsetse fly stirs debate over land use. Georg Gerster investigates the continuing war to control the insect. - Page 814

COVER: Exploring Titanic's hulk, a robot camera-equipped submersible called Jason Jr. peers into a first-class cabin. Photograph by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.


Publication Information

  • Title: National Geographic
  • Issue: Vol. 170, No. 6, December 1985
  • Pagination: 697 - 834
  • Dimensions: 17.5 x 25.5 x 7 cm


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