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National Geographic Magazine - December 1985

National Geographic Magazine, December 1985 - How We Found Titanic

Titanic, whose very name rang with invincibility, thus became a symbol. Her sudden disappearance enhanced an already mythical reputation. Now her dark grave has been penetrated for the first time in 73 years. The team that found her tells the story in this issue.


December 1985

How We Found Titanic

A U. S.-French scientific expedition, led by Robert D. Ballard and Jean-Louis Michel, uses high technology to locate the wrecked liner two and a half miles down in the North Atlantic and record unforgettable images. - Page 696

Vatican City

The world's smallest sovereign state is also the powerful heart and headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church and its 800 million members. James Fallows and photographer James L. Stanfield provide an intimate tour, including a closeup perspective of the Vatican's premier citizen—Pope John Paul II. - Page 723

Treasures of the Vatican

Drawn from the centuries, select masterpieces in the Vatican's dazzling collection are revealed by staff photographers James L. Stanfield and Victor R. Boswell, Jr. - Page 764

Nicaragua: Nation in Conflict

Mike Edwards travels the length and breadth of this key Central American nation to report on the Sandinista revolution, now entering its seventh year. Photographs by veteran combat cameraman James Nachtwey. - Page 776

Daniel Boone

Sorting fact from fiction, Elizabeth A. Moize tells the story of the legendary frontier hero. Photographs by William Strode. - Page 812

The Ohio Valley

A historical and modern map portrays the crucial pathways along which pioneers expanded the original Colonies into a nation.

COVER: A rattail fish glides in the deep above Titanic's foredeck, port rail, and mooring bitts. Photograph courtesy WHOI, IFREMER, and Robert D. Ballard.


Publication Information

  • Title: National Geographic
  • Issue: Vol. 168, No. 6, December 1985
  • Pagination: 695 - 842
  • Dimensions: 17.5 x 25.5 x 7 cm
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