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Titanic: 14th-15th April 1912: The Official Story - 1873162375

Product Description: Most people think of Titanic as a luxury liner. In fact she was officially classed as an 'Emigrant ship'. This is one of many myths that abound about the famous ship. If you want to learn the true story for yourself and look at the facts behind the film there can be no better introduction than the documents in this pack. Through original sources trace what happened on her first fateful voyage and how the world, politicians, newspapermen, union leaders and the courts reacted.
Product Contents: 18 facsimilie documents in a folder, with a 15 page booklet
Publisher: Public Record Office Publications / Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
Format: Mixed media product 37 pages
Published: March 31, 1997 / 1999
Language: English
Series: Public Record Office Document Packs
Edition: Loose Leaf edition
ISBN-10: 1873162375
ISBN-13: 978-1873162378

Publisher's Description

Containing a range of full colour and black and white reproductions of documents held in the Public Record Office and general arrangement drawings produced by Harland and Wolff, this pack captures the history of the "Titanic", from its registration as an emigrant ship in Liverpool to the controversy which was still surrounding its sinking during the 1930s. With a fully illustrated introduction and detailed description of each docuemnt, the pack reveals both the glamour and the spectacle of the "Marine Ritz" and the sense of disbelief and outrage which followed its demise.

Listing of Document Facsimiles

Note: Some are reproduced in full color, others are in black and white.
  1. Transcript of Registrar General's copy of the Register General of Shipping and Seamen
  2. Report of survey of an emigrant ship
  3. Certificate of Clearance of an Emigrant Ship
  4. Cross section of deck plans of "Titanic"
  5. Extract from the British Commission of Enquiry
  6. Telegrams sent to the SS "Birma" as the "Titanic" sank
  7. Correspondence from the White Star Line to the Board of Trade
  8. "The Titanic Crime" - editorial from the "New York Evening Journal"
  9. Response of the Dock, Wharf, Riverside and General Union
  10. Sample of return of passengers drowned
  11. Parliamentary Question to the President of the Board of Trade from Josiah Wedgwood, Liberal MP
  12. Alfred Olmont's account of his escape from the "Titanic" - evidence to the British enquiry
  13. Digest of testimony to the Committee of Commerce of the US Senate
  14. Report of the British Ambassador on the US Senate Committee Enquiry Report
  15. Letter from Stanley Lord, Captain of the SS "Californian" to the Board of Trade
  16. Statement of claim and verdict in case of Ryan vs Oceanic Steam Company Navigation Co.
  17. Letter to the Board of Trade from the White Star Line about "prejudicial effect" of "Titanic" films on shipping
  18. Photo of survivor climbing aboard SS "Carpathia"
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