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Titanic: Collector's Edition from National Geographic Society - 1997

Titanic - Collector's Edition - National Geographic Society - 1997


An Enduring Adventure

THE NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY IS NO DIFFERENT FROM THE REST OF THE WORLD IN its fascination with Titanic, the luxurious liner tragically lost on her maiden voyage in 1912. We do differ, however, in that we've been privileged to bring her story to life, primarily through the words and pictures of two pioneers.

Robert D. Ballard was a young geologist with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution when he came to our attention in the early 1970s. Supported in part by research grants and equipment from the Society, Bob Ballard has explored the globe's oceans and brought our members numerous magazine articles and Television Specials about his work beneath the waves, from the hydrothermal "black smokers" of the East Pacific Rise to the wreck of Lusitania. Unquestionably his most famous foray into the deep occurred in 1985, when, as co-leader of a French-American team, Ballard discovered the lost Titanic.

Veteran National Geographic photographer Emory Kristof began working with Bob Ballard in 1974 during Project FAMOUS, the first voyage to the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Since then Kristof has helped engineer much of the underwater technology used to capture Ballard's work on film. The two were together on the historic day when Titanic was found some two and a half miles down in the North Atlantic. Kristof returned to the wreck in 1991—in a manned submersible outfitted with lights he helped engineer—to document the ship in stunning photographic and three-dimensional video images.

This book offers updated information about Titanic as well as a sampling of the work of Ballard and Kristof Such questing minds are matched by those of our members, who join us in the adventure of discovery. A portion of the dues from our more than nine million members goes toward funding research and exploration—work that illuminates the planet's hidden corners and increases understanding of nature, culture, and ourselves.

National Geographic Magazine

About the Booklet

  • Date of Publication: Undated but referenced the release of the new 1997 Movie "Titanic"
  • Published by: National Geographic Society
  • Photos: 53
  • Illustrations: 13
  • Pages: 36 (Paginated - excluding covers)
  • Dimensions: 30.5 x 22.8
  • Cover: Soft
  • Quality of Photography: Good
  • Notes: On seven of the pages containing full-page photographs, text was in the foreground, with the image in the background. Serious collectors of Titanic memorabilia may find this annoying.
  • Estimated Street Value (2008): $5-$10
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