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That Fateful Night: True Stories of Titanic Survivors, in Their Own Words

Title: That Fateful Night: True Stories of Titanic Survivors, in Their Own Words
Author: Geoffrey Giuliano
Narration: Geoffrey Giuliano
Media: Compact Disc Audio Product
Format: Audiobook CD
Publisher: Random House Audio Publishing Group / Bantam Doubleday Dell (June 1998)
Published: December 1997
Language: English
Edition: Audio-cd Abridged
ISBN-10: 0553456202
ISBN-13: 9780553456202

Publisher's Description

The name invokes startling images of man's ill-conceived notion of invincibility and the consequences which occur when these ideas are proven mortally wrong. It was the Edwardian Era, a time buzzing with the excitement and innocence of the new century. Titanic, the luxurious miracle of technology, set sail from Southampton, England with 2,207 passengers and crew on board. They could never have envisioned the disaster which lay ahead. On the starry night of April 14, 1912, when the great ship rushed almost headlong into an iceberg, the powerful behemoth was brought down and one of history's most tragic tales was born.

That Fateful Night tells the story of what happened in the words of those who lived it. It is a collection of first person accounts, many exclusive, from the survivors of the legendary disaster who would never forget the events of those brief hours, their own experiences and the many hundreds who perished. Recorded over the course of the last two decades, many of these personal stories would be lost to time had these recordings not been made. These personal accounts recreate with unprecedented immediacy and poignancy man at his best and worst.

Listeners will be moved by the words of passengers and crew members, including Sir Cosmo Duff Gordon, Lady Duff Gordon, Eva Hart, Millvina Dean, Fourth Officer Boxhall, Second Officer Charles H. Lightoller, and others. Also included are interviews with Sir Arthur H. Rostron, Captain of the Carpathia, scientist and author Dr. Robert Ballard, and Oscar-winning director of the film Titanic, James Cameron. That Fateful Night adds a unique and compelling dimension to the astounding body of work documenting this historic tragedy.

About the Author / Narrator

Geoffrey Giuliano is the author of over twenty internationally bestselling biographies including the London Sunday Times bestseller Blackbird/The Life and Times of Paul McCartney, and Dark Horse/The Private Life of George Harrison. In addition, Giuliano can be heard on the Westwood One Radio Network and has written and produced over sixty original spoken word CDs and video documentaries on various aspects of popular culture.

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