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Learn about the Titanic, its crew members, passengers, the tragedy and the aftermath of its sinking on early Monday morning on 15 April 1912. The Bishop of Winchester said after the disaster, "Titanic, name and thing, will stand as a monument and warning to human presumption."

Self-Sacrificing Heroism from the Titanic 1912

Self-Sacrificing Heroism from the Titanic 1912

The many remarkable instances of heroism on the Titanic will influence mankind for centuries to come. "Women and children first!" is a motto for a monument for all time.

The Titanic Disaster of 1912

The Titanic Disaster of 1912

The ever-present dangers of this sort are fire, collision with other moving vessels, and with icebergs or derelicts. The larger the vessel, the stronger she is locally, and the greater the weight that can be spared to subdivide with a view to prevent the spread of fire.

The Tragedy of the Titanic And Its Lesson

The Tragedy of the Titanic And Its Lesson 1912

The sinking of the transatlantic liner Titanic with more than 1500 of her passengers and crew was one of the most appalling disasters in the entire history of man's contact with the sea.

The Sinking of the Titanic

The Wreck of a Titan - 1912

Two  thousand fathoms beneath the waves of that part of the Atlantic which spreads itself in a waste of wintry waters to the eastward of Cape Race lies the great White Star Liner Titanic, sent helplessly to her ocean grave by one of those grim, uncharted terrors of northern seas—a giant iceberg. With her, too, lie buried 1,400 of the 2,200 souls with which she set out from Southampton on her maiden voyage to the West.


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