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A Seaman's Statement Regarding Third Class

An investigator, formerly a seaman, who has crossed the Atlantic in all classes of ships makes the following comments concerning third class on one of the newer types of steamship:

I find that all the changes which I proposed to make in the law as stated in my former report are working most satisfactorily on board the ______. I also find that such changes would tend to the uplift of the average third-class passenger.

We had some of the same kind of immigrants on board as on the other ships. I have watched these people closely on the ______, and have noticed a remarkable difference in the behavior and cleanliness of the people on board this steamer.

I had a suit of old clothes myself which I wore going out on the ______. I intended to wear it back, but did not dare to nor want to, because nearly all passengers were dressed very well indeed.

He also states that he was so well treated that he was really obliged to tip the stewards. Some of the women whose cleanliness, neat clothing, and general good behavior he praises were from the races where the women wear no hats, but do wear boots, and were thus clad.

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