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While half a century has elapsed since the White Star Line commenced running a regular steamer service between New York and Liverpool, the Line has actually been in existence since the middle of last century. Its original fleet consisted of some half dozen American-built clipper ships plying between England and Australia. 

The Line was born during the gold fever. It is said that within the space of seven years the White Star clippers carried half a million prospectors to the Antipodes in search of the yellow metal. They returned home via China carrying cargoes of tea.

Abstract of Log

Vintage Brochures

1907 White Star Line Brochure

1907 Brochure: White Star Line Royal & United States Mail Steamers

40 pages of great information and photographs makes this an excellent brochure from the White Star Line covering all three classes of services at the height of the transatlantic immigrant trade. Profusely illustrated with many photographs of the ships and accommodations.

Front Cover

1909-04-16 The Famous Big 4 of the New York - Liverpool Service

The Famous Big 4 of the New York Liverpool Serivce - The Adriatic, Baltic, Cedric and Celtic - 8 Page brochures packed with photos (Interior and exterior) and information on the ships. Excellent Brochure.

Majestic - The World's Largest Ship - 1922 Brochure

1922 Majestic: The World's Largest Ship

One of the finest brochures issued by the New York Office of the White Star Line. It covers the first class accommodations with a visual record of the grand luxury of the public area, dining salooon, lounges with a few photographs of the elegant second class accommodations. - 40 pages of great information and photographs.


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Other White Star Line Documents in the Archives (Not Digitized)

  • 1920s Brochure: White Star Line Canadian Service: Tourist Third Cabin and Third Class Views, Plans and General Information for the SS Laurentic, SS Albertic, SS Calgaric, SS Megantic, SS Doric, SS Reginia. 25 Photographs mostly interior views and Deck Plans for the Albertic, Megantic, Laurentic, Calgaric, Doric and Regina.
  • 1922-09-09 Alien Card for a Cabin Passenger from Liverpool on the SS Canada The card was to be presented on arrival to the Aliens' Officer
  • 1923 Unused Stationery with engraving of White Star Line, On board SS Albertic has Watermark of McCorquodale Fine
  • 1928-06-14 Sports Events, SS Albertic, Montreal to London, Program for Saturday through Thursday.
  • 1928-06-21 Program of Grand Concert, RMS Albertic, Tourist Dining Saloon.
  • ca 1928 Brochure: Popular Tours to Europe: White Star Line Canadian Service. Informational brochure with details on a number of different tours through Europe with Itineraries and Costs. Steamship Photos included: Dining Room, Smoking Room, Ladies Lounge, Dance Hall, Two-Berth Cabin with Settee, Lounge all form Tourist Third Class (Ship's Not Identified). Illustration of SS Laurentic (1927) and an advertisement with photo for a European Standard Suitcase (27.5 x 14.5 x 8 inches). Additional photographs of destinations included in brochure. **
  • 1930 Brochure: Boston and New York Third Class Opportunity (Boston en New York Derde Klasse Gelegenheid) Features 9 large photographs of the 3rd Class Accommodations, A Group Photo of typical 3rd Class Passengers and some smaller photographs of accommodations and photos of the ships and Information on the Britannic (III), Baltic, Cedric and Adriatic. In Dutch.
  • 1930 Flyer: White Star Line Special Winter Cruises 1930: To the Mediterranean, Holy Land & Egypt.
  • 1931-08-29 Abstract of Log, SS Adriatic, Liverpool to New York via Belfast and Glasgow, Voyage 259, Westbound, August 22 - 29, 1931. 2,893 Miles, Passage: 7 Days, 2 Hours, 24 Minutes. Photograph of SS Adriatic on reverse side.
  • 1933 Photograph: Burial At Sea - Unidentified British Subject (Crewman), M.V. Britannic, Captain Brown presiding.
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