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Resolute and Reliance to be Remodeled (1922)

The United American Lines slate in connection with the passenger service to be established with their new steamers Resolute and Reliance, that the second and third class quarters on these ships will be extensively remodeled, prior to the initial sailing in April. An unsurpassed accommodation in these classes is the aim of the Line. The remodeling work has already begun on the Resolute, recently delivered at Hamburg, and will be undertaken on the Reliance when she is turned over to her new owners about March 1.

The second cabin on both steamers will be improved by the addition of thirty rooms and a large social hall. The social hall is In addition to the dining room, ladies’ parlor and smoking room, and is a comfort and convenience hither-to unknown to second-class passengers. With this added feature the Resolute and Reliance will open a new era in second-class travel.

The United American Lines with Its exclusively third-class ships Mount Clay, Mount Carroll and Mount Clinton will remodel the third-class quarters with a view to bringing them up to the standard set. This space will be converted into rooms for two and four passengers, commodious dining rooms, ladies' rooms and smoking rooms will be provided. This endeavor to supply improved accommodations to third-class travelers involves a considerable sacrifice on the part of the company, since it means reducing by half the number of passengers, which can be accommodated.

Source: Shipping: Marine Transportation, Construction, Equipment and Supplies, New York: Shipping Publishing Co, Volume 15, No. 4, February 25, 1922 P.27

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