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Union-Castle Line Passenger Services - Outward, Homeward and Coastwise

Union-Castle Line Passenger Services - Outward, Homeward and Coastwise

Particulars of Outward, Homeward, and Coastwise Services


The South African Royal Mail Steamers are despatched from Southampton every Friday for the Cape Province and Natal via Madeira. On the outward journey the Royal Mail Steamers proceed as far as Durban, at which Port they commence the homeward voyage, sailing thence every Thursday; from East London every Friday; from Algoa Bay (Port Elizabeth) every Saturday; arriving at Capetown usually on Monday morning, and proceeding thence to Southampton, via Madeira, on the Friday.

Passengers landing at Madeira may enjoy a very interesting excursion to Terreiro da Lucta by the Mount Railway Company's trains which make the trip in half an hour. Tickets may be obtained from the Purser.

The Mail Service to St. Helena and Ascension is performed by the Intermediate Steamers calling at these Islands, Outward and Homeward, approximately every four weeks.


The Intermediate Steamers taking First and Third Class Passengers only at lower rates than by the Royal Mail Steamers, are despatched frequently from London, for the Cape Province, Natal, Lourenço Marques (Delagoa Bay), and Beira. These Steamers proceed alternately via Las Palmas (Grand Canary) and Teneriffe.

There is a homeward service by Intermediate Steamers from the Cape Ports, Durban, Lourenco, Marques, Beira and Mauritius, via Las Palmas or Teneriffe to London.


During each period of three months two Passenger Steamers are despatched to East and South African ports via Suez, returning via the West Coast and Canary Islands, and there is a similar service to South Africa via the Canary Islands, returning via East Coast ports and Suez.


Connection between England and Mauritius is maintained by Steamers at certain intervals.


Calls at Lobito are sometimes made on the outward and homeward voyage.


A reduction off the amount of two Single Fares is made on Ocean Return Tickets. Ocean Return Tickets are available for twelve months.


Passengers who have taken a Single Ticket only from England or South Africa (paying the full single tariff fare thereon), and who return within twelve months from the date of embarkation, will be allowed a reduction of 10 per cent. on the amount of the single journey back, on production of the counterfoil of the first single ticket taken by them. This concession does not apply to passages Coastwise or to Ports at which the Steamers of the Union-Castle Line do not call.

The period of twelve months specified above cannot under any circumstances be extended.


Passages can be prepaid in England or South Africa for friends on the other side, and advice of such passages can be sent by cable at a small additional expense if desired. The Company, however, does not accept any responsibility for any inaccuracy, mistake or oversight on the part of the Company's Servants or Agents, or any other persons, in the wording, despatch or delivery of any telegram or letter in connection with these prepaid passages, or for any consequences arising therefrom.

Remittances of small amounts can also be made to passengers at the same time.

Handbook of Information for Passengers can be obtained gratis from the Purser on board.

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