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Farewell Dinner Bill of Fare from the Swedish American Line / Svenska Amerika Linien
Farewell Dinner Menu, M.S. Gripsholm, Swedish American Line, First Class, 1950 1950-06-29 Farewell Dinner Menu - M.S. Gripsholm - First Class

Farewell Dinner Menu from the M.S. Gripsholm of the Swedish American Line for Thursday, 29 June 1950. The Menu top center corner was folded in which angled with the sleeve of the officer's arm.


Vintage Luncheon Menus
Luncheon Bill of Fare from the Swedish American Line / Svenska Amerika Linien
Luncheon Menu, S.S. Drottningholm, Swedish American Line, May 1946, Standard Class 1946-05-27 Lunch Menu - S.S. Drottningholm - Standard Class

Smaller sized Luncheon Menu from the S.S. Drottningholm of the Swedish American Line, for Standard Class Passengers on an eastbound voyage from New York to Gothenburg.


  • 1931 Brochure: Sweden: Compliments Swedish American Line - The Motor Ships Kungsholm and Gripsholm. 16 Pages Souvenir booklet on Sweden, packed with photographs of Sweden. Photograph of S.S. Kungsholm on the Cover.
  • 1952 M.S. Kungsholm Deck Plan White De Luxe Motorliner includes Promenade plus Decks A through E.
  • Undated Blue with Gold Embossed lettering Ticket Holder, Swenska Amerika Linien Göteborg direkt New York och Canada
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