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Scandinavian American Line History and Ephemera

Det Forenede Dampskibs-Selskab Aktieselskab - The United Steamboat Company Corporation operates as the Scandinavian-American Line

Scandinavian American Line - Skandinavien Amerika Linien

In the early years, many immigrants from Scandinavia and the Baltic States crossed the ocean to the New World in ships from the Scandinavian American Line. Favored in the early 20th century, alike by those who crossed the Atlantic for pleasure and for business, the Scandinavian-American Line -- the descriptive name under which the company operated its passenger service between the United States and the Scandinavian countries -- typifies everything that made ocean travel a delight.

1905-08-23 SS Hellig Olav

Scandinavian American Line Ships Lists

Favored today by those who cross the Atlantic for pleasure and for business, the Scandinavian-American Line -- the descriptive name under which the company operates its passenger service between the United states and the Scandinavian countries, typifies everything that makes ocean travel a delight.


  • Neutral Flag: The Scandinavian-American Line (1916)
    The Scandinavian-American Line is what its name implies—a link between Scandinavia and America. As the pioneer in establishing direct routes for transportation of passengers and freight between the Scandinavian countries and the United States, it justly deserves much credit for the friendly and intimate relations prevailing between these nations.

Vintage Brochures

1917 Brochure from the Scandinavian American Line

1917 Scandinavian American Line: Regular Direct Communication Between New York and Norway, Sweden and Denmark

1917 Brochure covers History, Fleet, Accommodations (First, Second and Third Class), Connections at Ports, Information on Scandinavia and Offices and Agencies.

1920s Passenger Service To and From Northern Europe - Scandinavian-American Line

1920s Passenger Service To and From Northern Europe

This 16-page brochure from Scandinavian-American Line is devoted to thier cabin service to and from Northern Europe. It contains information for passengers about their fleet and cabin accommodation. Second half of brochure (not uploaded) consists of two pages about the Countries of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark (Scandinavia), and Continental Tours from Copenhagen.


  • 1912 Brochure: Direct Line From Scandinavia to America - Brochure provided to immigrants from the Scandinavian American Line, written in Swedish. Full English Translation not currently available.
  • 1912 Brochure: Skandinavien-Amerika Linie, Enda Direkta, Post- Och Passagerare-Ångfartygs-Förbindelse Mellan Skandinavien Och New York Med Nya, Moderna och Ytterst Komfortabelt Inredda Dubbelpropeller-Express-Ångfartvgen Oscar II, Hellig Olav, United States, Samt Dubbelpropeller-Ångfartyget C. F. Tietgen (Coming Soon)


Setting up for Dinner in the Third Class circa 1912

Vintage Menus of the Scandinavian-American Line

The popular steamers of the the Scandinavian-American Line sail the broad Atlantic than the splendid modern twin-screw steamers which maintain a regular direct service between New York and Scandinavian ports.


Other Scandinavian-American Line Documents in the Archives In the Queue For Uploading


  • 1928-02-01 Brochure: Tourist Third Cabin - Scandinavian-American Line includes information about accommodations, Passage Rates, Bookings Beyond Ports of Call, Tourist Third Cabin Deck Plan - SS United States / SS Oscar II / SS Hellig Olav; Photographs of Wash Room, Typical Tourist Third Cabin Stateroom, Promenade Deck and Ship's Orchestra, Smoking Saloon on the Promenade Deck, Dining Saloon (Large) for Tourist Third Cabin. Sailing Schedule for 1928 and Tour Information.
  • 1932 Brochure: Excursion to Scandinavia, Scandinavian Fraternity of America, Sponsored by Seattle Lodge No. 61. Leave New York on May 28 on board the Scandinavian-American Line flagship Frederik VIII. 12 Panels (Fold Out). Photographs include: SS Frederik VIII, Cabin on Steamer, and other destination scenes.

Other Items

  • 1913 Hat Ribbon (Cap Tally) Frederik VIII - Gold Lettering on Black Ribbon with Skandinavien Amerika Linen crest on both sides (Logo with flags of Sweden, US, Norway and Denmark (Clockwise).
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