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The Red Star Line began transatlantic passenger service in 1873 and 1935 between European ports and New York. The Belgenland was their most famous ship and most of the names of their steamships ended with the suffix "land."

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Special Voyage Related Ephemera

  • 1929-11-02 Cabin Passengers List, SS Lapland, New York to Plymouth, Cherbourg and Antwerp, Captain H. Harvey. Original owner of this passenger list (Miss V. Mulholland) made this into a miniature scrap book that included: Photographs: Unidentified Officer, Miss Mulholland and Traveling Companion with the Officer; Same Group holding Shuffleboard sticks; Miss Mulholland and Companion on deck and playing Shuffleboard; Miss Mulholland pointing using the shuffleboard stick on deck. Also contained the Abstract of Log for Voyage 193 East - November 2 - 9, 7 Days, 11 Hours, 10 Minutes, 3,026 Miles., Illustration of SS Lapland on front of Log Extract. Farewell Dinner Menu, 8 November 1929, Autographed by Henry Harvey, Commander, Carolyn M. Wortendyke, Margaret Percy Pitt, Lord and Lady Portsmouth, and Vera K. Mulholland. Insert of Expenses on Lapland detailing tips, rentals, beverages, page, Chief Inspector, Porters totaling £10:18:8 split with her traveling companion 50/50. Illustration of Red Star Line Steamer SS Lapland on Back Cover. Miss. Mulholland was also an artist and a sketch of Commander Harvey on an envelope front side and The Purser on the back side is included in this ensemble.

Activities, Music and Sports Programs

  • 1924-06-26 Sports and Entertainments Program, SS Zeeland - Provided a listing of activities for from Friday Evening through the following Thursday. Notation that Throughout the voyage, Shuffleboard, Deck Tennis, Quoits and & Bull Board will be played.


ca 1924 Brochure - The SS Belgenland - Red Star Line

  • ca. 1924 Brochure: Red Star Line SS Belgenland (Shown at right), 20 Pages packed with 13 Large Interior Photos, many with passengers and crew, 12 smaller interior photographs, and Illustration of SS Belgenland by Charles Dixon R.I. Large Photographs include: Main Dining Saloon, Swimming Pool, Palm Court Ballroom, Drawing Room, Smoking Room. Smaller Photographs include: Bedroom Suite - C Deck; Bedroom Suite - B Deck; Room with Single Metal Bed; Drawing Room - Suite on B Deck; Fireside Chat - Private Suite; Two Bed Suites - C and D Decks; Lounge including Fireplace; Ball Room; First Class Dining Room; Drawing Room; Smoking Room; First Class Gymnasium.
  • ca. 1925 Brochure: The SS Belgenland of the Red Star Line includes 7 large photographs and 12 smaller photographs, mostly interior views, Cabin Class. Two-Page Sketch Map of Belgium as centerpiece.
  • 1925-10-07 Brochure: Red Star Line Third Class Rates. Includes Photographs of the Belgenland, Lapland, Pittsburgh and Zeeland and a small photograph of Quai du Rhin - Antwerp (The landing stage in Antwerp)
  • 1926-01 Brochure: Red Star Line Second Class Rates. 8 Pages, Photographs include 5 interior views of the Belgenland, 2 interior views of Second Class Smoking Room and Lounge, SS Lapland and A photo of the SS Lapland. Illustration of Belgenland is on inside cover.


  • 1930-08-30 Receipt for Duty and Identification Coupon for Eleanor M. Tomlinson aboard the SS Lapland. ? Undated - See passenger list from 1922-08-22
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