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Sinking Fund Gold Bond Interest Coupon, North German Lloyd, 1927 Issue

Sinking Fund Gold Bond Interest Coupon - The third coupon used to collect interest on the November 1927 Bond Issue from Norddeutscher Lloyd.

Interest Coupon - 1927 Gold Bond - Norddeutscher Lloyd (1927)

This is the Third Coupon in a series of Ten that was originally issued on 1 November 1927 by Norddeutscher Lloyd.

In German English Translation

Norddeutscher Uoyd
Gewinnanteilschein Nr. 3
zur Aktie No. 008251
im Nennwert von Hundert Reichsmark
Bremen, den 1 Januar 1929
/s/ Der Aufsichtsrat
/s/ Der Vorstand
Dritter Gewinnanteilschein

North German Lloyd
Dividend coupon no. 3
to share No 008251
with a par value of One hundred Reichsmarks
Bremen January 1 1929
/s/ The Supervisory Board
/s/ The Board
Third dividend coupon

The bonds had a par value of $1,000 each, known as Twenty-Year 6 per cent. Sinking Fund Gold bonds, dated November 1, 1927, of an authorized issue of $20,000,000.

In the latter part of 1933, Norddeutscher Lloyd was in a difficult financial situation and proposed to adjust the rate of interst paid from six to four percent. New bonds replacing this issue occrued in 1934 and the 1927 bond issue was effectively retired.

See Andrews v. Norddeutscher Lloy, No. 7627, 15 F,Syoo, 296 (1936), Andrews v. Norddeutscher Lloyd (Bremen) (North German Lloyd of Bremen) et al, District Court, E. D. New York, 27 May 1936.

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