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Refugees on the Principe Di Udine

  1. Mr. Joseph J. Abbott, Lynn, MA
  2. Mrs. Josephine Allen, New York City
  3. Mr. Hoxie Anderson, Ardmore, OK - Married Miss Elaine Brennan Davies of New York on 6 April 1920, Divorced 24 September 1929
  4. Mr. Kenneth Anderson, Albany, NY
  5. Mr. Horace E. Andrews, New York City - President, New York State Railways Company and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company
  6. Mrs. Horace E. Andrews, New York City
  7. Miss Dorothy D. Andrews, New York City
  8. Mr. H. D. Andrews, New York City
  9. Miss Margery D. Andrews, New York City
  10. Miss Sophie T. Andrews, New York City
  11. Mr. Leo Arany, Bensonhurst, NY
  12. Mrs. H. T. Arnold, Ithaca, NY
  13. Miss M. E. Arnold, New York City
  14. Mr. Ernest Artoni, Jersey City, NJ
  15. Mr. C. M. Atkins, Pottsville, PA - Charles M. Atkins - Director, Pottsville Iron and Steel Co.
  16. Mrs. George C. Avery, Louisville KY - Her hustband was President, B.F. Avery Farm Equipment. Mrs. George C. Avery was a president of the Woman's Emergency Association of Louisville, Ky
  17. Mrs. Philip W. Avirett, Brooklyn, NY
  18. Mr. William G. Avirett, Brooklyn, NY - Educator
  19. Miss Cecile Ayres, Chester, PA - The future Cecile Ayres de Horvath, Daughter of Rev. Dr. Eugene Edward Ayres, Professor of Greek in teh Crozier Theological Seminary at Chester, PA. Studied Piano in Europe and was a concert pianist.
  20. Mr. and Mrs. Reid S. Baker, Washington, DC
  21. Miss Wilhelmina Barfield, Hinsdale, IL
  22. Miss Julia Barnard, Asheville, NC
  23. Miss Elizabeth Barr, Metuchen, NJ
  24. Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Bartlett, Boston, MA
  25. Dr. W. O. Bartlett, Boston, MA
  26. Miss Emily Bauer, Worcester, MA
  27. Miss Sarah H. Bayne, Canton, MO
  28. Dr. Edwin Beer, New York City EDWIN BEER 1876–1938 Edwin Beer introduced the first endoscopic treatment of papillary bladder tumors in 1910. Edwin Beer discovered that papillary bladder tumors could be destroyed through the ordinary cystoscope with high frequency current by electro-coagulation. This therapy revolutionized the treatment of bladder tumors.
  29. Mrs. Edwin Beer, New York City
  30. Miss Elizabeth Beer, New York City
  31. Miss Isabel Beer, New York City
  32. Miss Phyllis Beer, New York City - the future Phyllis Beer Koehler - wife of Edwin H. Koehler, a New York City Retail Merchant and Investment Banker.
  33. Mr. Arno Behnke, Grand Rapids, MI
  34. Miss Anna Benjamin, New York City
  35. Miss Dorothy Benjamin, New York City - Just before the end of World War I, Park Benjamin's daughter Dorothy, 25, eloped with the singer Enrico Caruso, who was 45. Caruso was the most famous tenor in the world at the time, and could today be called the most famous opera star ever. When he had been consulted, her father had forbidden the marriage citing the difference in their "ages, nationality and temperament."
  36. Mr. Park Benjamin, New York City - Park Benjamin (1849-1922) was an American patent lawyer, physician, and writer. He was born in New York City, graduated at the United States Naval Academy in 1867, resigned from the Navy in 1869, and graduated at the Albany Law School in the following year. He was associate editor of The Scientific American from 1872 to 1878 and subsequently edited Appleton's Cyclopedia of Applied Mechanics and Cyclopædia of Modern Mechanism.
  37. Mr. Allen R. Benner, Andover, MA - Professor of Greek, Andover Academy
  38. Mrs. Horace Bigelow, New York City
  39. Mrs. R. M. Birmingham, Lawrence, MA
  40. Mrs. C. J. Blaney, Brookline, MA
  41. Rev. James E. Bower, Brooklyn, NY
  42. Dr. and Mrs. John C. Boyd, Washington, DC - Dr. John C. Boyd was a surgeon and medical inspector for the United States Navy.
  43. Mr. Walter W. Boyd, Washington, DC - Dr. Walter Willard Boyd, was a photographer of medical surgeries performed by Dr. Harvey Cushing (1869- 1939).
  44. Mrs. Eugenia C. Briggs, Cromwell, CT
  45. Miss Jennie Brodsky, Mount Vernon, NY
  46. Mr. Oakley Brown, Greenwich, CT
  47. Miss Elizabeth A. Bryan, Syracuse, NY
  48. Miss Minnie L. Bryan, Chicago, IL
  49. Mr. Henry Budd, Philadelphia, PA - Attorney and Chairman of the Citizens Auxiliary Committee in Philadelphia
  50. Mrs. Henry Budd
  51. Mr. Robert Budd, Philadelphia, PA
  52. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Burnett, Louisville, KY
  53. Dr. Nicholas M. Butler, New York City - Nicholas Murray Butler (April 2, 1862 – December 7, 1947) was an American philosopher, diplomat, and educator. Butler was president of Columbia University, president of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, and received the Nobel Peace Prize. He became so well-known and respected that The New York Times printed his Christmas greeting to the nation every year.
  54. Mrs. Butler - Second wife of Dr. Butler (His first wife died in 1903)
  55. Miss Sarah Schuyler Butler, New York City - Sarah Schuyler Butler, daughter of President Nicholas Murray Butler of Columbia University was very active in politics was titular head of the Republican State Committee for ten days after the chairman died.
  56. Mr. Eugene H. Byrne, Madison, WI - Porfessor of History, University of Wisconsin
  57. Mrs. Eugene H. Byrne
  58. Miss Elizabeth R. Cain, Brooklyn, NY
  59. Miss Mary F. Cain, Brooklyn, NY
  60. Mr. William B. Cain, Brooklyn, NY
  61. Miss Marie Callaud, New York City
  62. Mrs. M. J. Callinan, Philadelphia, PA
  63. Miss Sara B. Callinan, Philadelphia, PA
  64. Miss Helen Cannon, Danville, IL - daughter of the Speaker of the House of Representatives (1919)
  65. Miss Marie A. Carberry, Brooklyn, NY
  66. Mr. Guido Carpi, Brockton, MA
  67. Miss A. M. Carroll, Washington, DC
  68. Mrs. F. H. Churchill, New Britain, CT
  69. Miss Rose Churchill, New Britain, CT - Rose Churchill was a watercolor painter and artist and one of the founders of the Connecticut Watercolor Society.
  70. Mr. W. E. Clark, Chicago, IL
  71. Miss Mary R. Clarke, New York City
  72. Mr. P. M. Clarkson, Jacksonville, FL
  73. Mrs. W. B. Clarkson, Jacksonville, FL
  74. Mr. Daniel E. Cleary, Jersey City, NJ
  75. Mr. Howard T. Clinch, New York City - Member of a firm of Boston architects skilled in the problems of early New England architecture.
  76. Miss Agnes Colbrey, Washington, DC
  77. Mrs. W. E. Conklin, Hartford, CT
  78. Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Cory, Cincinnati, OH
  79. Miss Elise Cramer, New York City
  80. Miss Helen L. Craver, Binghamton, NY
  81. Mrs. M. C. Craver, Binghamton, NY
  82. Miss Elizabeth E. Crellin, Scranton, PA
  83. Mr. R. P. Crellin, Scranton, PA
  84. Miss Alma Curtis, Tacony, PA
  85. Miss Ida Cushman, Philadelphia, PA
  86. Mrs. Sara M. Davis, Palatka, FL
  87. Mrs. J. Francis Day, Utica, NY
  88. Miss Olive S. Day, New Haven, CT
  89. Mr. Charles S. Dearstyne, Albany, NY
  90. Miss E. M. Dennis, Ogontz, PA
  91. Rev. Valdimir Derzyruka, Philadelphia, PA
  92. Miss Esther Detchon, Crawfordsville, IN
  93. Mr. Fred K. Detwiller, Easton, PA - Frederick K. Detwiller (1882-1953) Artist
  94. Mr. William R. Dewey, Jr., Newton, MA
  95. Mrs. G. W. Doherty, New York City
  96. Miss Agnes Donald, Hartford, CT
  97. Miss Alice Dorian, New York City
  98. Mr. W. W. Dove, Providence, RI
  99. Miss Mary Doyle, New York City
  100. Miss Eva M. Dunlop, Brooklyn, NY
  101. Mr. Gang Dunn, New York City - Mechinical Engineer
  102. Miss Lotta Edwards, Chicago, IL
  103. Mr. E. H. Engelhorn, Spokane, WA
  104. Rev. J. A. Engwall, Elgin, IL
  105. Mr. Martin Ergenzinger, Atlanta, GA
  106. Mr. And Mrs. Edward M. Farnsworth, Brookline, MA
  107. Miss Edith W. Farnsworth, Brookline, MA
  108. Miss Clara Farr, Philadelphia, PA
  109. Miss Edith Farr, Philadelphia, PA
  110. Mr. Thomas F. Farrell, Providence, RI
  111. Miss Lucinda E. Feeney, New Rochelle, NY
  112. Miss Verre Fennell, Hartford, CT
  113. Miss Doris Fenton, Philadelphia, PA
  114. Mrs. Thomas H. Fenton, Philadelphia, PA
  115. Mr. Michael Ferman, San Juan, PR
  116. Mr. Fred P. Fiske, Brooklyn, NY
  117. Miss Olive Flammer, New York City
  118. Mr. And Mrs. Stephen L. Folger, Brooklyn, NY
  119. Miss Elizabeth K. Ford, Asheville, NC
  120. Mr. And Mrs. B. W. Fredericks, Newton, MA
  121. Miss Edith Fredericks, Newton, MA
  122. Miss E. H. Fredericks, Newton, MA
  123. Miss Marion E. Frederickson, Madison, WI
  124. Mr. Willard J. Freeman, Lynnfield Center, MA
  125. Mr. A. D. French, Glenwood, IA
  126. Mr. William G. Frizell, Dayton, OH
  127. Miss Verda M. Fulmer, Philadelhpia, PA
  128. Mr. Charles C. Gager, Derby, CT
  129. Hon. Edwin B. Gager, Derby, CT
  130. Miss Florence Gayley, New York City
  131. Mrs. Gardiner Gayley, New York City
  132. Miss Emilie Gelli, San Francisco, CA
  133. Miss Amanda Glaser, Dayton, OH
  134. Miss Teresa Gilmore, Washington, DC
  135. Mr. Fred Godin, Kingston, RI
  136. Mr. Luther Goff, Providence, RI
  137. Miss J. Goldschmidt, New York City
  138. Miss Alice Goldsmith, Philadelphia, PA
  139. Miss Elizabeth Halderman, New York City
  140. Mr. F. J. Haley, New York City
  141. Mr. Alfred Hamburg, New York City
  142. Mr. Bryant O. Harman, Plainfield, NJ
  143. Mr. S. L. Harris, Oklahoma City, OK
  144. Dr. Louis O. Hartman, Chicago, IL
  145. Mr. and Mrs. Henry S. Haskell, New York City
  146. Miss Alma M. Hass, New York City
  147. Mrs. John N. Hazard, Peacedale, RI
  148. Rev. Hugh T. Henry, Philadelphia, PA
  149. Miss B. Herlihy, New York City
  150. Miss M. C. Herron, Cincinnati, OH
  151. Mrs. William H. Hill, Dedham, MA
  152. Miss Elizabeth C. Hiney, Hoboken, NJ
  153. Mr. Albert C. Hoffmeister, Philadelphia, PA
  154. Miss Emma Hoffmeister, Philadelphia, PA
  155. Miss Jessie L. Hollohan,Scarsdale, NY
  156. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin T. Holmes, New York City
  157. Miss Mildred Holmes, New York City
  158. Miss Ethel Holmes, West Boylston, MA
  159. Miss Nellie F. Hopkins, New Rochelle, NY
  160. Mrs. Robert Horner, Louisville, KY
  161. Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Hoyt, Brookline, MA
  162. Miss Mart S. Hunter, Philadelphia, PA
  163. Mr. Oscar G. Iden, Washington, DC
  164. Miss Irene Jackson, Oak Lane, PA
  165. Miss E. Ruth Jackson, Oak Lane, PA
  166. Mr. Walter Jacobson, New York City
  167. Miss Marie Jahn, New Britain, CT
  168. Mr. Brooke L. Jarrett, Pottstown, PA
  169. Miss Nancy Johnson, Washington, DC
  170. Dr. And Mrs. Collins H. Johnston, Grand Rapids, MI
  171. Miss Carrie Johnston, Grand Rapids, MI
  172. Miss Kathrine Johnston, Grand Rapids, MI
  173. Miss Fannie Johnston, New York City
  174. Mrs. Albert H. Jones, New York City
  175. Mrs. Charles H. Keys, New York City
  176. Dr. G. C. Kilpatrick, Pensacola, FL
  177. Mrs. Philip Rives King, New York City
  178. Mr. George W. Kirwan, Baltimore, MD
  179. Mr. Charles Kleindinst, Jersey City, NJ
  180. Mr. G. Prather Knapp, St. Louis, MO
  181. Mr. And Mrs. Frederick Knoepfle, Johnstown, PA
  182. Mr. Charles H. Knox, New York City
  183. Miss Maria Knox, Brooklyn, NY
  184. Mr. William A. S. Lapetina, Bluebell P. O., PA
  185. Mrs. Augusta Leeper, New York City
  186. Miss Augusta Leeper, New York City
  187. Mr. And Mrs. James Albert Lewis, Brooklyn, NY
  188. Miss Gertrude F. Lewis, Brooklyn, NY
  189. Miss Olive C. Lewis, Brooklyn, NY
  190. Mr. And Mrs. John T. Lewis, Jr., Philadelphia, PA
  191. Mr. Myron B. Levy, New York City
  192. Miss Elsie E. Lockwood, Brooklyn, NY
  193. Mr. Harry J. Logan, Jersey City, NJ
  194. Mr. Frank E. Luthery, San Antonio, TX
  195. Miss Johanna Luttman, New York City
  196. Miss Louise Lyle, Philadelphia, PA
  197. Miss Elizabeth McAfee, Brooklyn, NY
  198. Miss Helen McAfee, Brooklyn, NY
  199. Mrs. H. M. McChessney, St. Louis, MO
  200. Miss Katherine McClain, Philadelphia, PA
  201. Mr. And Mrs. George B. McClellan, New York City
  202. Mr. Edward F. McGovern, Boston, MA
  203. Mr. Hugh D. McGrane, Brooklyn, NY
  204. Mr. A. J. McNary, Albany, NY
  205. Miss Mary McPhail, New York City
  206. Mrs. Robert McVickar, Mount Vernon, NY
  207. Miss Helen McVickar, Mount Vernon, NY
  208. Mr. Guiseppi Maretti, Birmingham, AL
  209. Mr. And Mrs. D. Martignone, Cleveland, OH
  210. Mr. Berton Martignone, Cleveland, OH
  211. Mrs. C. H. Meade, New York City
  212. Miss L. M. Meade, New York City
  213. Mr. F. L. Meleney, Brooklyn, NY
  214. Mrs. Chase Mellen, Garden City, NY
  215. Mr. Chase Mellen, Jr., Garden City, NY
  216. Mr. Joseph M. Mellen, Garden City, NY
  217. Miss Susan C. Mellen, Garden City, NY
  218. Mr. William Palmer Mellen, Garden City, NY
  219. Mrs. J. C. Merritt, Marlboro, NY
  220. Mrs. Z. T. Merritt, Miami, FL
  221. Mr. George R. Metcalf, Jr., Erie, PA
  222. Mr. John R. Metcalf, Erie, PA
  223. Miss Julia E. Meyer, Norfolk, CT
  224. Miss M. Michaelis, New York City
  225. Mr. And Mrs. D. S. Miller, Stroudsburg, PA
  226. Mr. Albert P. Mills, Albany, NY
  227. Mrs. Edward C. Mills, Cincinnati, OH
  228. Mr. Joseph Mitch Elson, Hartford, CT
  229. Miss Caroline Monk, Brooklyn, NY
  230. Miss H. P. Moody, Jacksonville, FL
  231. Miss Gladys Morris, Pittsburg, PA
  232. Miss Alma F. Morrisette, Worcester, MA
  233. Mrs. Ella G. Morrison, Denver, CO
  234. Mr. S. E. Mosher, Port Huron, MI
  235. Mr. Eugene Mosti, Morgan Post Office, PA
  236. Prof. And Mrs. H. S. Munroe, New York City
  237. Mr. Thomas Murphy, Washington, DC
  238. Mr. Nicholas Murray,Baltimore, MD
  239. Prof. And Mrs. William R. Newbold, Philadelphia, PA
  240. Miss Lucy Newhall, Philadelphia, PA
  241. Mr. William P. Newhall, Philadelphia, PA
  242. Miss Ethel Norris, Washington, DC
  243. Mr. And Mrs. Theodore W. Noyes, Washington, DC
  244. Mr. Theodore P. Noyes, Washington, DC
  245. Mr. Henry Oehmson, Harrison, NY
  246. Mrs. Kate Oehmson, Harrison, NY
  247. Rev. G. S. Ohsland, Chicago, IL
  248. Mr. Russell B. Olds, Charles City, IL
  249. Miss Katherine G. O'leary, Lawrence, MA
  250. Bishop Ortynski, Philadelphia, PA
  251. Miss Abigial Osborne, Elyria, OH
  252. Dr. And Mrs. Virgil F. Parker, Brooklyn, NY
  253. Dr. And Mrs. Stewart Paton, Princeton, NJ
  254. Miss Evelyn Paton, Princeton, NJ
  255. Mr. R. Townley Paton, Princeton, NJ
  256. Mr. William Paton, Princeton, NJ
  257. Mr. Claude M. Patterson, Brookline, MA
  258. Mr. And Mrs. Charles R. Paul, Chicago, IL
  259. Mr. Ronald H. Pearce, Chestnut Hill, MA
  260. Miss Gertrude Perry, Chicago, IL
  261. Mr. R. C. Phillips, Jr., Middletown, OH
  262. Mr. R. W. Pinto, New York City
  263. Mr. Jacob Piroth, Tottenville, S. I., NY
  264. Miss Fannie A. Pitts, Cleveland, OH
  265. Mr. Winthrop B. Pizzini, Richmond, VA
  266. Mr. And Mrs. Carlo Polifeme, New York City
  267. Mr. David D. Post, Jr., Hartford, CT
  268. Miss Anne Randolph, Philadelphia, PA
  269. Miss Harriet Randolph, Philadelphia, PA
  270. Mr. And Mrs. Louis D. Ray, New York City
  271. Miss Mabel Reed, New York City
  272. Miss Ethel A. Reeve, New York City
  273. Hon. And Mrs. Paul S. Reinsch, Madison, WI
  274. Mr. And Mrs. Henry F. Renken, San Antonio, TX
  275. Mr. Harrison Rhodes, New York City
  276. Mr. Clifford Rodman, Los Angeles, CA
  277. Mr. Dudley Thayer Rogers, Dedham, MA
  278. Mr. August F. Roller, Fordtown, TN
  279. Bishop And Mrs. Edward Rondthaler, Winston-Salem, NC
  280. Mr. And Mrs. William V. Rowe, New York City
  281. Miss Zelia E. Roy, New York City
  282. Miss Sarah Russell, Scranton, PA
  283. Mrs. Adolph Sander, Cincinnati, OH
  284. Miss Ida San Felice, Princeton, NJ
  285. Mr. Gustave Schirmer, New York City
  286. Mr. Jacob G. Schmidlapp, Cincinnati, OH
  287. Miss Alberta A. Searing, Philadelphia, PA
  288. Miss Irene Seed, Lawrence, MA
  289. Mrs. John Shepard, Jr., Boston, MA
  290. Mr. Robert F. Shepard, Boston, MA
  291. Mr. And Mrs. John S. Sheppard, Jr. , New York City
  292. Miss Janet Sheppard, New York City
  293. Mr. Chris Shutts, Harrison, NY
  294. Mrs. Evelyn R. Simpson, Troy, NY
  295. Miss Nellie Simpson, Philadelphia, PA
  296. Mr. John B. Smallwood, Washington, DC
  297. Mr. And Mrs. R. A. C. Smith, New York City
  298. Miss Margaret Smith, New York City
  299. Mr. William Smith, Norfolk, VA
  300. Mr. Charles T. Smythe, Delafield, WI
  301. Dr. Sydney T. Smythe, Delafield, WI
  302. Miss Henrietta Solomon, New York City
  303. Miss Rebecca Solomon, New York City
  304. Miss Helen C. Somers, Jersey City, NJ
  305. Miss Marion C. Somers, Jersey City, NJ
  306. Miss Anna E. Spates, St. Paul, MN
  307. Miss Marion Spring, Ashland, MA
  308. Dr. And Mrs. A. Camp Stanley, Washington, DC
  309. Mr. George R. Stearns, Augusta, GA
  310. Mr. Walter Ii. Stearns, Pawtucket, RI
  311. Mr. Carl E. Steiger, Oshkosh, WI
  312. Miss Elizabeth Steinen, Cleveland, OH
  313. Miss Emily Stephens, New York City
  314. Miss Else Stjernstrom, Peacedale, RI
  315. Miss Nellie N. Stow, Cromwell, CT
  316. Mr. And Mrs. Charles H. Talcott, Hartford, CT
  317. Miss Alice Talcott, Hartford, CT
  318. Mr. Charles H. Talcott, Jr., Hartford, CT
  319. Mr. Dudley V. Talcott, Hartford, CT
  320. Mr. Seth Talcott, Hartford, CT
  321. Mrs. G. S. Talcott, New Britain, CT
  322. Miss Lucy Talcott, New Britain, CT
  323. Miss Theodora Talcott, New Britain, CT
  324. Mrs. E. J. Tattershall, White Haven, PA
  325. Miss Fannie Tattershall, White Haven, PA
  326. Miss Ruth Tattershall, White Haven, PA
  327. Mr. And Mrs. Edwin Thanhouser, New York City
  328. Mr. Lloyd Thanhouser, New York City
  329. Miss Marie Thanhouser, New York City
  330. Mrs. James Thayer, New York City
  331. Miss Cora E. Thomas, Baltimore, MD
  332. Mr. And Mrs. Landon A. Thomas, Augusta, GA
  333. Miss Ellen Thomas, Augusta, GA
  334. Miss Emily Thomas, Augusta, GA
  335. Mr. Joseph B. Thomas, New York City
  336. Miss Olive G. Thurston, New York City
  337. Col. And Mrs. S. E. Tillman, Southampton, NY
  338. Miss K. D. Tillman, Southampton, NY
  339. Mrs. Charles H. Tompkins, Ithaca, NY
  340. Miss Eliza Tompkins, New York City
  341. Mrs. A. B. Turner, Boston, MA
  342. Mr. Titus Ulke, Washington, DC
  343. Miss Edvidge Vaccary, New York City
  344. Mr. And Mrs. Frederick W. Vanderbilt, New York City
  345. Miss Henrietta M. Walker, Brooklyn, NY
  346. Mr. Norman Wallace, Springfield, MA
  347. Mr. Victor H. Wallace, Washington, DC
  348. Mrs. Arthur V. Warfield, Edgewood, RI
  349. Mr. John K. Weatherby, Jr., Minneapolis, MN
  350. Mr. Henry D. Weiser, New York City
  351. Mr. Henry C. Weisse, Sheybogen Falls, WI
  352. Miss Emily H. 'Welch, New York City
  353. Mr. And Mrs. J. P. Welling, Chicago, IL
  354. Prof. And Mrs. Webster Wells, Brookline, MA
  355. Miss Julia E. Wessman, Norfolk, CT
  356. Mr. Fred H. White, New York City
  357. Miss Helen Williams, Warwick, NY
  358. Mr. R. W. Wood, Providence, RI
  359. Mrs. G. C. Zellweger, San Antonio, TX


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