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A Sailing on a Refugee Ship - A Newspaper Account from 1914-08-12

On The Principe Di Udine

Americans Coming Home on Chartered Ship from Genoa

On Board The Steamer Principe Di Udine (By wireless via Cadiz, Spain)

August 15, 1914

The steamship Principe di Udine with more than 400 Americans from Genoa passed Gibraltar at 7:30 tonight. The passengers are:

New York:

  • President Nicholas Murray Butler of Columbia University and his Family
  • Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Vanderbult
  • R. A. C. Smith, Dock Commissioner of New York, and Family
  • Gano Dunn
  • Mr. Holmes and Family
  • Mrs. Keys
  • Mrs. Milla
  • Mrs. Jones
  • Mrs. Mead and Daughter
  • Park Benjamin and Daughter
  • Mrs. Ray and Miss Louisa Ray
  • Miss Mary Clarke
  • Miss Marie Carberry
  • Prof. and Mrs. Henry Munroe
  • Mrs. Gardiner Gayley
  • Mrs. William Rowe
  • Mrs. James Albert Lewis and Family
  • Mrs. Knox
  • Mrs. Bigelow
  • Mrs. Rhoades
  • Mrs. Fred White
  • Miss Henrietta and Miss Rebecca Solomon
  • Mrs. Tracy Arnold and Daughter
  • Miss Mesbel Reed
  • Mrs. Charles Tompkins and Daughter
  • Mrs. Ochmisin and Sons
  • Horace Andrew and Party
  • Mrs. Walter Jacobson
  • Edwin Beer and Party
  • Stephen Folger and Party
  • Mr. Avirtte


  • Mrs. Josephine Allen
  • Miss Emily Welch and the Schoolboy Party, among which are also persons from New York, Philadelphia, and Chicago:
    • Myron Levoy,
    • Alfred Ambert,
    • Hames Thager
  • Mr. and Mrs. Henry Haskell

New York State

  • Mrs. Craver and Daugter of Binghamton
  • Miss Lucinda Feeney of New Rochelle
  • Mrs. Carlton Merritt of Marlboro
  • Mrs. Evelyn of Troy
  • Miss Jennie Brodsky of Mount Vernon

Washington, D.C.

  • Representative Johnson and Daughter Nancy
  • Senator Norris and Daughter Ethel
  • Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Noyes
  • Dr. John Boyd and Family
  • John Smallwood
  • Dr. Stanley and Family
  • Dr. Paul Samuel Reinsch, American Minister to China
  • Mrs. Reinsch
  • Titus Ulke


  • Henry Budol and Family
  • Prof. W. R. Newbold and Family
  • Mrs. John Heyard and Maid
  • Ruth Jackson
  • Irene Jackson
  • Alma Curtis
  • Mrs. Thomas Fenton and Daughter
  • Miss Alice Goldsmith
  • Miss Louise Lyle
  • Miss Verda Fulmer
  • Miss Emma Hoffmeister
  • Albert Hoffmiester
  • William Lapatina
  • John T. Lewis, Jr. and Wife
  • Miss Agnes William
  • Lucy Newall
  • Miss Olive Thurston
  • Miss W. A. Cushman


  • John Metcalf
  • George Metcalf, Jr.
  • Miss Gladys Morris
  • Easton, PA
  • Mr. Detwiller


  • Judge Edwin B. Gagen and Son of Derby
  • Mrs. Frederick H. and Miss Churchill
  • Mrs George Talcott of New Britain
  • Cahrles Talcott and Family
  • Miss Vera Fennel of Hartford
  • Mrs. Eugenia Briggs
  • Miss Nellie Stowe of Cromwell
  • Miss Julia Wessman
  • Miss Meyer of Norfolk


  • Mr. and Mrs. Paul Welling
  • Miss Lotta Edwards
  • Mr. and Mrs. Charles Franz


  • William Friyell, Dayton
  • Miss Elizabeth Dennis
  • Miss Abigail Osborne
  • Miss Elizabeth Steiner
  • Mrs. Martienon
  • Mr. and Mrs. Abram Cary, Cleveland
  • Mr. Schmidlap, Cincinnati


  • Miss Cora Thomas
  • John Shippard and Family
  • George Kerwan


  • Hoyt Farnsworth and Party
  • Benjamin Fredericks and Party
  • Mrs. Alice Turner
  • Mrs. Charles Blanck
  • Rober Shepard and Wife
  • Mrs. William Hill
  • Mrs. Dudley Rogers
  • Mrs. Frederick Haley


  • Corpl. Ronald Perce
  • Miss Alma Morriessett
  • Mrs. Emily Barr


  • Norman Wallare
  • Springfield
  • Morrison Dever
  • George Stearns
  • Landon Thomas and Family


  • Mr. Ortone
  • Jersey City
  • Miss Emily Jelly


  • Dr. Sidney Smythe


  • Eugene Byrne and Wife
  • M. Clark
  • M. Clarkson and Mrs. Clarkson


  • Miss Esther Detchin

Crawfordsville, IN

  • Mrs. Arthur R. Warfield


  • Mrs. Bellweger

San Antonio

  • Mr. Renken and Family

Reported in the New York Times on August 17, 1914

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