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Lamport & Holt Line History and Ephemera

Lamport & Holt Line Historical Archives

The Lamport and Holt Line was founded in 1845 by W.L. Lamport from Workington and George Holt (Note 1). At the outbreak of the First World War in 1914, Lamport owned thirty-six ships of 200,000 tons, eleven of which were sunk. In 1929, Lamport collapsed along with the rest of Kylsant's Royal Mail group, was reconstituted in 1934, and then eventually sold to the Vesty Group (Blue Star Line) in 1944.

Note1: George Holt was the brother of Alfred Holt of the Blue Funnel Line

Vintage Brochures

Lamport & Holt Line
1927 Travel Brochure: Tourist 3rd Cabin to South America 1927 Travel Brochure: Tourist 3rd Cabin to South America
Travel Brochure from 1927 by the Lamport & Holt Line for Tourist Third Cabin to South America. A 58-Day Tour from New York complete with photographs of the ship, including interior views and location scenes. 58 Day Tour by the Luxurious Oil-Burning Steamer Vandyck Leaving New York June 25th, 1927 and Returning August 22nd, 1927, Visiting Barbadow, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Santos, Montevideo, Buenos Aires, Tranidad. Photographs include: SS Vandyck, Deck Scene, Passenger Party, Neptune Ceremony (Passenger Party), Relaxing on the Promenade Deck, Port of Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, collage of Scenes at Rio de Janeiro.


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