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Seating to Staterooms - What to Know About Ocean Travel - 1924

Topics covered on this page include: Seats at Table (Seating), Second Class, Seasons for Travel, Servants, Ships, Smoking, Shops, South Africa, Sports, Squash Courts, Staterooms.


Seats at the dining table may be reserved with t he second steward immediately after sailing. Usually for the first meal passengers occupy any available seat, definite assignments being made for the second and subsequent meals. Children are not entitled to seats at table in the saloon unless full fare is paid. Seats at officers' tables are assigned by invitation.

The captain's table comes first socially. Old travelers often favor the purser's or the doctor's table. On the Belgenland first cabin passengers choose their own places , as the service is à la carte.


For its very moderate cost second class offers many comforts. The minimum rate to Europe is $120. Practically all the creature comforts of first class are enjoyed and extra expenses are avoided. Dress is less formal. Second class passengers have a full set of commodious public rooms and large deck space. On the new Belgenland they have in addition a veranda Café for dancing, gymnasium and a playroom for children.


Tourist seasons for travel in Europe are summer for the British Isles and the Continent, late winter and early spring for the Mediterranean resorts, and winter for Egypt. Switzerland's winter sports create a local winter season. In America winter resorts are Florida and Southern California, with the northern and Canadian resorts for winter sports. The northern resorts in the United States are most popular in summer. Experienced travelers often prefer to travel in Europe "out of season" when there is a choice of steamer and of hotel accommodation. Crowds are avoided and tates are lower. Winter climate in most of Europe is milder than in the United States.


Servents accompanying first class passengers are charged at tariff rates if they are to have access to first class accommodations. On the express steamers there is a special dining saloon for maids and valets accompanying first class passengers.


Ships of our lines mentioned in this book:
Adriatic White Star Line New York-Liverpool
Arabic White Star Line New York-Naples, Genoa
Baltic White Star Line New York-Liverpool
Belgenland Red Star Line New York-Antwerp
Canada White Star-Dominion Montreal-Liverpool
Canopic White Star New York-Hamburg
Cedric White Star New York-Liverpool
Celtic White Star New York-Liverpool
Ceramic White Star Liverpool-Australia via Capetown
Corinthic White Star Southampton-New Zealand
Devonian Leyland Boston-Liverpool
Doric White Star Montreal-Liverpool
Finland Panama Pacific New Yotk-California
Gothland Red Star New York-Antwerp
Haverford White Star Philadelphia-Liverpool
Homeric White Star New York-Southampton
Ionic White Star Southampton-New Zealand
Kroonland Panama Pacific New York-California
Lapland Red Star New York-Antwerp
Manchuria Panama Pacific New York-California
Majestic White Star New York-Southampton
Medic White Star Liverpool-Australia via Capetown
Megantic White Star-Dominion Montreal-Liverpool
Minnekanda American New York-Hamburg
Minnetonka Atlantic Transport New York-London
Minnewaska Atlantic Transport New Yotk-London
Mongolia American New York-Hamburg
Olympic White Star New York-Southampton
Persic White Star Liverpool-Australia via Capetown
Pittsburgh White Star New York-Hamburg
Poland Red Star New York-Danzig
Regina White Star-Dominion Montreal-Liverpool
Runic White Star Liverpool-Australia via Capetown
Samland Red Star New York-Antwerp
Suevic White Star Liverpool-Australia via Capetown
Winifredian Leyland Boston-Liverpool
Zeeland Red Star New York-Antwerp


Smoking is forbidden in the dining saloon. There is a smoking room and smoking is also permitted on deck. (See also "Public Rooms ").


On company steamers passengers may buy souvenirs and needed small articles. The barbers are authorized to carry these for sale. On the express liners there is a specialty shop offering among other things toilet articles, smoking implements, minor articles of wearing apparel, novels, stationery, games, books and confectionery.

SOUTH AFRICA, services to

(See "Austtalia, South Africa and New Zealand ").


On many voyages a field day is arranged, with sack races, potato taces and other amusing contests. Boxing, handball and medicine ball are possible on most ships. The Olympic has squash courts. (See also " Games " and " Baths ").


Squash courts are provided on the Olympic. A small charge is made for use and rental of racquets. Make teservations through steward in charge.


Representative staterooms

Representative staterooms
Single Stateroom (Above Left); Double Stateroom (Above Right); and a 4-Berth Room (Bottom Left)

Staterooms are for one, two, three or more people. Many have connecting private bath and sitting room. On the express steamers there is running hot and cold water in all rooms in first class, and on some ships also in second class. Baths are conveniently located in all steamers and in all classes.

Electric lights are in all rooms, and all are heated by steam or electricity and have closet room. Electric bells summon steward or stewardess. Beds have replaced berths on newer ships. Outside rooms are lighted by ports or windows. Mechanical ventilation is employed for inside rooms. (See also " Keys" and " Baggage ").

Not all outside rooms are preferable to a well chosen inside room, nor are promenade deck rooms always preferable to those on a lower deck. Experienced travelers often choose rooms on a lower deck because they are quieter than the promenade deck rooms. Good interior ventilation on our steamers leaves little advantage in this respect in outside tooms.


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