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Reservations to Seasickness - What to Know About Ocean Travel - 1924

Topics of this Page include: Reservation of Staterooms, Regina, Restaurants, Return Accommodations, Riga, Routes (Transatlantic), Rugs, St. Lawrence River Route, Samland, San Francisco, Seasickness.


(See "Accommodations").


White Star-Dominion Line ships; Montreal-Liverpool service; sister ship to the Doric and Pittsburgh, specially built since the war for the cabin service; also carries third class. Gross tonnage, 16,450; length, 601 feet; breadth, 68 feet. Remarkably steady. Has same features as sister ships including suites, gymnasium, children's playroom, broad decks. White Star Line service and cuisine. Orchestra. Third class passengers have own public rooms and deck space, good food and service; enclosed staterooms for six or less.


Restaurants are maintained on the Majestic and Olympic in addition to the dining saloon. Passengers make their own selection of dishes and hours. Passengers desiring to take all meals in the restaurant may book passage at a teduction of £5 ($24) per adult, except on rates of £78 ($360) per adult and upward the allowance will be £7 ($32) per adult.

Ala carte meals may be had for as little as 5s for breakfast, 7s, 6d. for luncheon, and 20s for dinner. The restaurant is open from 8 A. M. to 11 P. M., and extension of time may be made for late supper. Passengers who before sailing have not booked for meals in the testaurant may do so on notice to the purser within 24 hours after sailing, and secure rebate, providing the restaurant is not fully booked. Or, passengers who have booked for meals in the regular dining saloon may take occasional meals in the restaurant at fixed charges, if there is room available.

Connected with the Majestic's restaurant is a palm court, in which light refreshments are served. On the Belgenland restaurant service has replaced the dining room table d'hôte, without extra charge.


(See "Accommodations ").


Company steamers from Philadelphia and New York carry third class passengers to and from Danzig, Riga and Libau. A hotel for travelers, the "Oceanic," is maintained by the White Star and associated lines at Riga, which is a clearing point for travelers from Russia, going forward either by steamer to England or train for Hamburg or Cherbourg, to connect with company steamers for America. (See also "Red Star Line " and "White Star Line").


Routes to Europe of lines described in this book

Routes to Europe of lines described in this book


Rugs can be hired from the deck steward at $1.50 each for the voyage. They are sterilized after each voyage. It is unnecessary to carry your own steamer rug unless wanted on European railroads. The owner's name should be securely sewn on the rug.

The popular St. Lawrence River route

The popular St. Lawrence River route


The popular St. Lawrence River route of the White Star-Dominion Line from Montreal and Quebec to Liverpool, with a voyage of 1,000 miles through the beautiful valley and gulf of the St. Lawrence and only four days in the open sea, is recommended to all lovers of the picturesque. (See also "White Star-Dominion Line" and map, above).


Red Star Line; a comfortable steamer carrying third class only. Gross tonnage, 9,748; length. 505 feet; breadth, 58 feet; twin screws. Red Star Line food and service. Stewards speak several languages. Public rooms attractive. Entire deck space given to third class passengers, allowing greater freedom than where other classes also are carried.


San Francisco, chief port of California, and gateway to one of the most beautiful sections of North America, is the western terminus of the Panama Pacific Line between New York and California, calling at Havana, the Panama Canal and Los Angeles Harbor. An all-water trip between California and Europe may be booked by the Panama Pacific Line connecting with company lines at New York to principal ports of Europe. Office, 550 Market Street. (See also "Panama Pacific Line").


Seasickness is uncommon on our large and steady steamers. Advice to those subject to this ailment: keep out on deck, get all possible fresh air and exercise and eat regularly. Avoid so-called "cures."


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