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Pensions to Ports - What to Know About Ocean Travel - 1924

Topics covered on this page include: Pensions, Pets, Perambulators, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Photography, Piers, Play Rooms, Plymouth, Poland, Pools, Porters, Ports.


(See " Boarding Houses").


(See "Animals and Bitds").


Perambulators or prams (Baby carriages) are carried as baggage for $5, and should be crated, not boxed. Go-carts, carried by passengers for use on deck at sea, are carried without charge.


Philadelphia is linked with Liverpool and Cobh by a cabin and thitd class service of the White Star Line. The Red Star Line operates third class steamers ftom here to Baltic ports. Office, 1319 Walnut Street.


White Star Line ship in New York-Hamburg service; cabin liner de luxe, sister ship of the Doric and Regina of White Star-Dominion Line. Also carries third class. Gross tonnage, 16,322; length, 601 feet; breadth 68 feet; triple screws; oil burner. Stewards speak several languages. American and Continental cuisine.

Features are attractive and spacious public rooms, suites with private sitting room and bath, large attractive staterooms, gymnasium, children's playroom. Orchestra carried. Third class has enclosed staterooms and its own public rooms. (See also "Ships").


Facilities are provided on the larger ships for passengers to develop films on board. Dark-room is provided on steamers on cruises and a special photographet carried.


The ships in the North Atlantic trade mentioned in this book berth at the Chelsea Piers, New York, foot of West 16th-22nd Streets; the landing stage at Liverpool; the Southwestern Docks at Southampton; the King George V Docks, London; the Quai du Rhin, Antwerp; or the Ross Quai, Hamburg (after discharging passengers at St. Pauli landing stage). At Queenstown (Cobh), Cherbourg and Plymouth, passengers are landed by tenders. (See also " Tenders").


Play rooms, found on our newer steamers, are delightful places for the children, where happy hours may be spent with toys and story books. A stewardess is in attendance. Playrooms will be found on cabin steamers as well as first class, and the Belgenland has one for second class as well as first.


Eastbound port of call for nine of our steamers. Special boat trains reach London in about five hours. Office, 10 Millbay Road. (See "American Line," " Red Star Line," " White Stat Line").


Red Star Line ship for third class passengers only; 8,282 tons gross; length, 490 feet; breadth, 53 feet. Red Star Line cooking adapted to national tastes, and good service. Stewards speak several languages. A homelike and comfortable steamer, for a quiet voyage at extremely moderate rates. (See also "Ships").


Pools on board steamers are of two kinds.

The hat pool consists of drawing 10 numbers from a hat at a stated price per number drawn, the winner being the holder of the number that corresponds to the last figures of the day's tun in miles.

An auction pool is formed by 20 persons, who pay each a fixed sum to draw a number. The 20 numbers are in sequence from say 570 to 590, ot whatever the estimated range of the day's run may be. When drawn, these numbers are auctioned off to the highest bidder, half of the winning bid for each number going to the ownet of the number and half to the pool. Then all numbers above the upper limit, known as the high field, are auctioned collectively, and those below the lower limit, known as the low field. The person holding the actual number for the day's run teceives the entire pool, less any portion set aside for charity.


Porters are found in Europe at hotels, stations, piers, and most public places. Their fees generally are lower than those of porters in the United States, and are regulated by a tariff that may be consulted on request. As a rule the equivalent of 10 cents per grip is ample.


Ports reached by ships of our lines:
Antwerp First, cabin, second, third
Belfast (westbound) Cabin, third
Boston First, cabin, second, third
Cherbourg First, cabin, second, third
Danzig Third
Cobh (Queenstown) First, cabin, second, third
Genoa First, second, third
Gibraltar First, second, third
Halifax First, cabin, second, third
Hamburg Cabin, third
Havana First, second, intermediate and third
Libau Third
Liverpool First, cabin, second, third
London First
Los Angeles First, second, intermediate and third
Madeira (Funchal) First, second, third
Montreal Cabin, third
Naples First, second, third
New Orleans First
New York First, cabin, second, third
Philadelphia Cabin, third
Plymouth First, cabin, second, third
Ponta Delgada, Azores First, second, third
Portland, ME Cabin, third
Quebec Cabin, third
Riga Third
San Francisco First, second, intermediate and third
Southampton First, cabin, second, third

To most ports there is a sailing evety week; to some more than one. There are three a week to Cherbourg, and five to English ports. Westbound services are operated from all ports named except Plymouth. In addition there are westbound services from Belfast and Glasgow. See individual ports by name.


Ports in the US and Canada from which company steamers sail to Europe:
Boston First, cabin, second, third
Halifax First, cabin, second, third
Montreal Cabin, third
New Orleans First
New York First, cabin, second, third
Philadelphia Cabin, third
Portland, ME Cabin, third
Quebec Cabin, third

All the above ports are also served direct by westbound services. See individual ports by name.

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