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Fürst Bismarck Deck Plans circa 1890

Cabin Plans - 1890s - Hamburg-Amerika Linie Fürst Bismarck

Hamburg America Line Cabin Plans of the Twin Screw Steamer "Fürst Bismarck"

Promenade Deck

Aft: Second Cabin, Smoking Room, Ladies Room, Staterooms 8-13

Midship: First Cabin Smoking Room, State Rooms 3- 7 and 14-18

Forward: Ladies Saloon, Music Room, Staterooms 1,2 and 19, Captains' Quarters

Lower Deck

Second Cabin

Staterooms 160-179

Upper Deck

Aft: Second Cabin Saloon, Staterooms 111-116, Pantry

Midship: Confectionary, Barber, Doctor, Engineers Quarters, Purser, Stateroom 20, 3rd and 4th Officers Quarters, Chief Cook, Butcher, Pantry

Forward: Fri st Cabin Saloon

Main Deck

Aft: Staterooms 117-159, Gents Toilet

Midship: Ladies Toilet, Bath x 2, Bath x 2,

Forward: First Cabin Saloon, Suites 21-110 (Forward and Midship)

  • Dimensions: 17 x 11 7/8 Inches
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