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Grace Line History and Ephemera

Grace Line - Global Steamship Services

The Grace Line (Started by W. R. Grace & Company) operated as a steamship line from 1882 until 1969. Beginning in the 1930s, Grace Line established passenger service between New York and Seattle via the Panama Canal.  By the late 1930s, they concentrated on the route between New York and Haiti.

Grace Line Documents in the Archives

Passenger Lists of the Grace Line

  • 1937-12-10 List of Passengers (Class not Stated), SS Santa Rosa, San Francisco and Los Angeles to Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Panama Canal, Colombia, Havana and New York, Captain Curt Zastrow.
  • 1937-12-20 Receipt for Medial Services (Prophylactic Inoculation) Mrs. H. "Bolivia" Keegan, Room 101, SS Santa Rosa.
  • 1937-12-06 Insurance Contract, St. Paul Fire and Marine Insurance Company - Grace Line - Personal Effects Insurance $400.00 Premium for Voyage, $4.00 For Mrs. Harry Keegan.

Passengers on board the SS Santa Rosa  - 25 December 1937

Passengers on board the SS Santa Rosa - 25 December 1937

1937-12-25 Photograph of Passengers on board the SS Santa Rosa. Five passengers in photograph; 8 autographs of fellow passengers on the reverse side. Endorsed : To a good scout and pal. A Merry Xmas & A Happy New Year. A. N. Nettles, Joan Pratt Johnson, Alia Yoe, Mr. & Mrs. Clark Burnham, Thanks - Paul Joucs Farish, Joe (Napoleon) Sheurch, Adins, "Dey" De Maettine

Grace Line Passenger Lists

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