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Dominion Line Royal Mail Steamers History and Ephemera

Dominion Line Royal Mail Steamers

The Dominion Line Royal Mail Steamers was involved in the transatlantic immigrant passenger service between Liverpool, Queenstown (Cobh) and Boston; Liverpool to Quebec and Montreal and Naples to Boston. They were in operation under Dominion Line from the late 1800s to 1908.

Dominion Line Passenger Lists

Vintage Brochures

Dominion Line
1900 Brochure Dominion Line Steamships - Book of Views - The Fleet of the Dominion Line 1900 Brochure Dominion Line Steamships - Book of Views - The Fleet of the Dominion Line
Excellent brochure from the Dominion Line circa 1900 that provided a number of views of their fleet of steamships, facts about their fleet and views of their first, second and thrid class accommodations.



Other Dominion Line Historical Documents in the Archives In the Queue For Uploading

  • 1907-12-11 Letter to a Dear Old Friend, written on Dominion Line Stationery, Toronto - A slice of life in 1907.
  • 1909-08-19 Second Class, S.S. Dominion, Liverpool to Quebec and Montreal
  • 1910-03 Plan of Passenger Accommodation, S.S. Dominion (Twin-Screw Steamer Dominion) includes the Promenade Deck, Saloon Deck and Middle Deck with Third Class Accommodations highlighted. This plan reveals open berths common for steerage passengers, one room had 165 open berths and another 90 ? open berths plus three other sections fore and aft containing over 100 berths (4-8 berths per room) in each section

Allan Line Royal Mail Steamships offers in Tourist and Pleasure Travel Unequalled Advantages (1894)

Montreal and Quebec Service

The Steamshpo of the ALLAN LINE leaving Montreal and Quebec or returning from Liverpool, make the transit of the ocean from land to land in five to five and one half days.

The distance from Quebec to Liverpool is 500 miles shorter than from New York, and 1,000 miles of this reduced distance (from Quebec to the Straits of Belle Isle) is down the majestic river and gulf of St. Lawrence, and instead of seasickness, to which the traveler is liable by all other routes, and the monotony of an ocean voyage, the traveler, by this line, enjoys the first three days of the voyage in good health. such being made in smooth water, and is entertained in viewing the magnificent and historic scenery of the St. Lawrence.

The steamships of the ALLAN LINE performing passenger service, such as the “ Parisian," “ Sardinian,” “ Mongolian,” “ Laurentian ” and “ Numidian," are equaled in safety and comfort by few trans-atlantic vessels, and surpassed by none.

The discipline practiced upon these ships is as systematic and thorough as that of the Royal Navy, the finest school for seamanship in the world.

The ALLAN LINE enjoys the distinction of the patronage of Her Royal Highness the Princess Louise, who has selected a steamer of this line upon four successive voyages.

EXCURSION TICKETS are good for either outward or return by the Quebec or New York Lines.

Passenger Accommodations - Cabin

State Rooms are mostly on the upper deck, the majority of the rooms having two berths, and a sofa, which may be used as a berth when necessary.

Rates of passage are fixed according to location of berth, all passengers having equal privileges in the saloon.

The ALLAN LINE has always been well known for the excellence and Iiberality of its table, which is always provided with the delicacies of the season.
Wines and liquors of the finest qualities can be had on board at moderate prices.
All the steamers carry an experienced surgeon.

Passenger Accommodations - Intermediate or Second Cabin

This class of accommodation ofl'ers excellent opportunity to those desirous ofmaking a trip in a most comfortable manner at an extremely small outlay.

Passengers are berthed in state rooms generally accommodating four persons, are entirely separate from the steerage, and are furnished with a liberal supply of food, well cooked and neatly served. Beds napery and utensils are all furnished by the steamer.

Passenger Accommodations - Steerage

The Steerage, considering its cost, is remarkable for its comfort, the utmost regard having been paid to the light and ventilation of the Steamers. Male steerage passengers are berthed by themselves in one part of the ship, females and children in another.

New Departure

The Company will furnish all its steerage passengers to and from Europe with a complete outfit for the voyage free of charge.

Baggage Allowance

Cabin passengers are allowed 20 cubic feet ; Intermediate, 15 cubic feet, and Steerage Io cubic feet; any excess will be charged for at the rate of one shilling per cubic foot. All baggage should be labeled with name of passenger and marked “wanted” or “ not wanted" as may be desired by the owner.

Source: 1894 Advertisement of the Allan Line.

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