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Dominion Line Royal Mail Steamers Advertisement - 1890s

Mid 1890s Advertisement marterial from the Dominion Line that provides information about routes, agencies, fleet and accommodations.

Mid 1890s Advertising Material, Dominion Line

Domion Line Royal Mal Steamers

Sailing Regularly Between

  • Liverpool, Quebec and Montreal
  • Liverpool, Halifax and Portland, ME
  • Liverpool and Boston


  • W. M. Macpherson,  83. Dalhousie St., Quebec
  • A. G. Jones & Go., Halifax, N.S.
  • Warren & Co., 125, Milk Street, Boston
  • D. Torrance & Co., 17, St. Sacrament St., Montreal
  • D. Torrance & Co. Portland, Me

Richards Ails Co Managers 24. James St Liverpool

Dominion Line

The Dominion Line Steamers Sail Regularly Between

Liverpool, Quebec And Montreal (Via Londonderry).

Liverpool, Halifax and Portland (Via Londonderry).

Liverpool and Boston (Via Queenstown).

The Following Is A List Of The Steamers Comprising The Fleet :

Dominion Line Fleet
Vessel Year Bult Tonnage Length Breadth
SS Canada (Twin Screw) 1896 9000 515 58
SS Scotsman (Twin Screw) 1895 6041 471 49
SS Labrador 1891 5000 401 47
SS Vancouver 1884 5000 430 45
SS Cambroman 1892 5000 429 46
SS Ottoman 1890 5000 403 45
SS Roman 1884 5000 405 43
SS Norseman 1882 5000 392 44

These Steamers are fitted with Electric Light throughout, have Saloons and State Rooms, Music Rooms, Smoking Rooms and Bath Rooms amidships, where the least motion is felt, are amongst the largest and finest afloat, and are well and favorably known for the comfort and excellent arrangements they afford for all classes of Passengers.

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