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Turbine Steamers in the Cross-Channel Service - 1906 Article - Cunard Line

To cope with the ever-increasing traffic between Dover and Calais, and Folkestone and Boulogne, two new turbine steamers have just been placed in the service between those ports. They are the " ONWARD " and the " INVICTA," built by Messrs. Denny Bros., of Dumbarton, and provided with the now well-known Parson's Turbine Machinery.

The great success attending the Pioneer Channel Turbine Steamer " THE QUEEN," which was launched in 1903, has justified the SOUTH EASTERN AND CHATHAM RAILWAY in providing these new vessels.

They are of practically the same dimensions as " THE QUEEN," viz. : 324 ft. long, with a breadth 42 ft. 2 ins. The speed, however, has been increased to 22 knots, whilst the power of the reversing turbines has also been increased, which materially enhances the manoeuvring qualities of these two vessels.

The passenger accommodation is all that can be desired, and passengers leaving London either by the 11 a.m. service from Victoria to Calais or by the 2.20 p.m. service from Charing Cross to Boulogne can now rely on a turbine steamer being on these services.

The sea passage from Folkestone to Boulogne has been shortened by 15 minutes, and the sea passage from Dover to Calais is now performed within the hour.

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