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Keeping Passengers Informed via Marconi's Wireless Telegraphy

Deep Sea Journalism - 1904 - The Cunard Daily Bulletin

This article from 1904 discusses the improvement in reporting and the change in publishing the on board newpaper - the "Cunard Daily Bulletin" originally published once during each voyage to being published daily due to the introduction of Marconi's Wireless Telegraphy.

Deep Sea Journalism

Liverpool Courier, October 11th, 1904.

The Umbria which sails from Liverpool for New York on the 15th instant, is at present being fitted with the Marconi long-distance wireless telegraphy apparatus, which will enable her to pick up etheric messages when 1,500 or 1,600 miles from land. During her forthcoming voyage, therefore, passengers by this steamer will be kept posted as to the world's happenings during the whole of the Atlantic trip.

The news messages, which are despatched from Poldu, in Cornwall, and the United States, will be incorporated in the " Cunard Daily Bulletin," a newspaper published on shipboard. With the fitting of the Umbria the " Cunard Bulletin " will be published daily on board the four mail steamers Campania, Lucania, Etruria, and Umbria.

Originally this paper was confined to four pages, and was published once on the outward and once on the homeward voyage. Its present dimensions are twelve pages, and a further increase in size is contemplated. The "Bulletin" contains, in addition to the latest news despatched by Marconigram, illustrated articles, poetry, &c., and is much appreciated by passengers.

Messages for Passengers on board this Steamer can be sent through the Marconi Stations at Rosslare or Crookhaven, addressed as follows :—


Passenger " SAXONIA."

Care " Expanse,"


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