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Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) History and Ephemera

Canadian Pacific Railway Atlantic Steamship Lines

The Canadian Pacific Railway Ocean Steamship Lines History (Brief)

The Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) began operating transatlantic steamships in 1903 between Halifax and the United Kingdom until 1915 when it spun off the steamship portion of its business (which included the Allan Line) into the Canadian Pacific Steamships Ocean Services Ltd.

Atlantic Steamship Lines (a.k.a. Canadian Pacific Railway Ocean Steamship Lines)

Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) Passenger Lists

  • 1908-06-26 Second Cabin RMS Empress of Britain, Liverpool to Quebec
  • 1909-04-09 Saloon Passenger List, Empress of Britain, Liverpool to St. John, NB (Landing Mails at Halifax). Includes Map of UK and Ireland with an identification of the Lights - Approaching Liverpool.


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