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Anchor Line History and Ephemera

Anchor Line Top Banner Logo - 1897

The Anchor Line operated transatlantic steamship passenger service between the ports in the United States including: New York, Boston, Philadelphia, and Baltimore; Canadian Ports of Montreal, Quebec, Halifax; to UK Ports of call including: Southampton, Plymouth, Liverpool, London, Londonderry, Glasgow, Queenstown, Bristol; and, the European Ports of Cherbourg and Hamburg.

All the names of their Ocean Liners in their passenger and freight fleet ended with the suffix "ia." Research, and learn about this transatlantic passenger and freight steamship line that brought many immigrants to the North American Continent.

Passenger Lists of the Anchor Line

Story of the Anchor Line (1896)

Vintage Brochures

1902 Anchor Line Brochure

1902 Second Saloon and Third Class Rates and Accommodations - New York and Glasgow

This small brochure packs a lot of information about accommodations for their immigrant passengers traveling in second saloon and third class at the turn of the twentieth century. Provides fares charged between Glasgow, Londonderry and New York for Second Saloon and Third Class.

1911 Anchor Line Brochure - Excursion Season

1911 Brochure Anchor Line Excursion Season 1911 Special Attractions

Comprehensive brochure offers 14 photographs and illustrations with a glimpse of first class travel circa 1910 featuring the steamship Columbia. Includes a great photograph of the Anchor Line Pier filled with people meeting the ship. Features large photographs of the promenade deck, first cabin dining saloon and stateroom. Gives a brief description of second cabin accommodations.

Information for Passengers - a 1912 brochure from Anchor Line

1912 Anchor Line Information for Passengers: Tours in Ireland, Scotland and England

Exquisite brochure from 1912 offers an excellent glimpse of cabin class travel aboard steamships of that era. This booklet was produced after the Anchor Line's Newest steamship - The Cameronia in 1911. This brochure is nearly identical in content to their 1911 Brochure of Special Attractions for the Excursion Season (above) . Offers additional photographs of the T. S. S. California and Caledonia, First Cabin Music Saloon and Smoking Room, and four female passengers Enjoying the View On Deck.

The New Anchor Line Fleet - 1926 - Anchor Line to Ireland & Scotland

1926 Brochure: New Anchor Line Fleet : Anchor Line to Ireland & Scotland

24 Pages packed with 22 Photographs, mostly interior views - Cabin Class. Covers the Caledonia, California, Cameronia, Transylvania and Tuscania. Includes Anchor Line Map of Irish Coast & Firth of Clyde. Excellent large photographs make this an exceptional brochure.


  • 1904 Brochure: Anchor Line Transatlantic Steamships: Tours In Ireland, Scotland and England
  • 1909-Brochure: Clark's First Vacation Tour to Europe by the Magnificent New Twin-Screw Express SS California (II).
  • 1930s Brochure: Cabin Class: A Delightful Way To Enter Europe. 8 Pages. 9 interior photographs: Smoking Lounge and Stateroom with bath on the TSS Caledonia; Double Stateroom and Lounge on the TSS Transylvania; Shuffleboard on Deck and French Regency Lounge, TSS Caledonia; Photo-collage style of Afternoon Tea, Dinner on the Cameronia, and Buttons the Porter. A few destination photos complete this brochure.

Vintage Menus

Breakfast Bill of Fare from the Anchor Line
Breakfast Menu, TSS California, Anchor Line, Sunday, 1 June 1930 1930-06-01 Breakfast Menu Card - TSS California
Breakfast Menu Card On Board the TSS Calfornia of the Anchor Line for Sunday, 1 June 1930 featuring traditional breakfast choices and Suate of Ox Kidney, Fried Smelts and Kippered Herring.
Vintage Breakfast Menus


Vintage Dinner Menus
Dinner Bill of Fare from the Anchor Line
Dinner Menu on board the Caledonia of the Anchor Line on the 4th of July 1905 1905-07-04 Dinner Menu - Caledonia (3)

Fourth of July Menu from the SS Caledonia of the Anchor Line featured Green Turtle Soup, Mutton Cutlets à la Deplomate and Pudding à la Republic, Sherry Sauce.

Anchor Line TSS Caledonia Second Cabin Dinner Menu, 1910 1910-06-09 Dinner Menu - Second Cabin - Caledonia (3)

Early 20th Century Second Cabin Menu Card from the TSS Caledonia featured Roast Sirloin of Beef, Baked Potatoes, Plum Pudding, Brandy Sauce and Giblet Soup.

Dinner Menu, Anchor Line RMS Cameronia - 1922 1922-02-28 Dinner Menu- Second Cabin - Cameronia

Combination of a Menu and Souvenir of the Royal Wedding in this beautifully preserved dinner menu from 28 February 1922. The Cameronia was on a Westbound Voyage from Liverpool that arrived in New York on 8 March 1922.


Valentine's Day Bill of Fare from the Anchor Line
Valentine's Day Dinner Menu, RMS Transylvania, Anchor Line, 14 February 1927 - Front Cover 1927-02-14 Valentine's Day Dinner Menu - Transylvania

Large Format elaborate Saint Valentine's Day Dinner Menu from a 1927 Mediterranean Cruise on the RMS Transylvania of the Anchor Line. Featured menu items included Prime Rib and Sirloin of Beef, Corned Ox Tongue, and Roast Gigot of Mutton.

Vintage Valentine's Day Menus


  • 1931-02-24 Dinner Menu and Events of The Evening, TSS California, Gulf Stream Cruise


Steamship Tickets

Anchor Line Fleet - Ship History and Other Information

On Board Publications

  • 1922-08-27 Newspaper: Anchor Line Wireless News, TSS Cameronia, News included German Reparation Payments, American Soldiers' Bonus - Opposition to Bill, and Ports of Call since Leaving New York on this Mediterranean Cruise of 1922.
  • 1922-08-28 Newspaper: Anchor Line Wireless News, TSS Cameronia, News stories included Relief for Sailors' Dependants from Sales of German Ships, French Dreadnought Strikes Rock
  • 1922-08-30 Newspaper: Anchor Line Wireless News, TSS Cameronia, Featured news stories of Dispute between Britain & France over the Conscription of British Subjects and the Burial of Michael Collins.
  • 1922-08-31 Newspaper: Anchor Line Wireless News, TSS Cameronia, News Included information on a collision between the American Line SS St. Paul bound for Hamburg from New York that collided with a Dutch Freighter.
  • 1922-09-01 Newspaper: Anchor Line Wireless News, TSS Cameronia, Major news story was British Battleships to be Scrapped

Track Charts

  • 1900s Anchor Line Track Chart (undated)
  • 1900s - 1908? Anchor Line Track Chart - Unused (Undated)
  • ca. 1925 Track Chart - Anchor Line Glasgow and New York. Cover features photos of the Steamships: TSS Transylvania, TSS Caledonia, TSS Cameronia, TSS California and TSS Tuscania.
  • 1930-07-02 Track Chart, TSS California, New York to Glasgow, Passenger completed track chart for and Eastbound voyage from July 3 - July 9, 1930. Includes track chart of the Atlantic Ocean, filled in for this voyage and four small photographs - TSS Transylvania, TSS Caledonia, TSS California, and TSS Cameronia.

Activity and Music Programs

  • 1931-02-25 Program of the Day, TSS California, Gulf Stream Cruise - Schedule of Tender Service
  • 1931-02-27 Program of the Day, TSS California, Gulf Stream Cruise
  • 1931-02-27 Concert Program, TSS California, Gulf Stream Cruise - The California Follies,
  • 1931-02-28 Program of the Day, TSS California, Gulf Stream Cruise


  • 1931-02 Photograph: Unidentified female on the deck of SS California
  • 1931-02 Photograph: TSS California achored offshore.


  • 1911-02-13 Bill of Lading for Shipment originating in Marseilles for a destination of Boston.
  • 1931-02-25 Bermuda Suggestions: Sigtseeing, Golf, Shopping, Evening Entertainment, Box Luncheons, TSS California, Gulf Stream Cruise
  • 1931-03-01 Thank You Card, TSS California, Gulf Stream Cruise
  • 1933 Deck Plans - SS Transylvania, Decks Promenade, and "A" through "E"; Reverse side is Deck Plan of the SS California, Decks Promenade, and "A" through "E". Very Large.

Anchor Line. was established in 1852. by Messrs. Handyside and Henderson (now Henderson Bros.). with a service from the Clyde to Portuguese and Spanish ports il%tending later to Mediterranean ports. In 1856 they started a trade between Glasgow and New York. and the Mediterranean and New York, and now maintain. in addition. a service between the United Kingdom. Bombay and Calcutta and the chief Mediterranean ports, which has been vigorously pushed with fine steamers. increasing in size. in cargo carrying capacity. and in speed with the development of the trade.

- 1908 Encyclopaedia of Ships and Shipping

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