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SS City of Rome - 1881 - Steamship History and Information

THE appended bit of sarcasm from the St. James Gazette, London, August 10th last, refers to the company of workmen who sailed in the City of Rome from this port in July : " The fifty American artisans who have come to study the crafts of this obsolete hemisphere are not only anxious to acquire impressions of Europe, but are also resolved that Europe shall know as much as possible about them. They are as eager to have their personal history known and their lineaments studied as a theatrical company on tour in the provinces; and at every stage of their journey they distribute a biographical handbook illustrated with portraits. There are three or four workwomen in the party, including Miss Nora Dempstey, who has devoted her ' great decision, natural intelligence, and great observing powers' to the manufacture of cigars and cigarettes; and Miss Margaret Kelsey, who has the happy faculty of ' correctly combining materials and colors to suit complexions and forms '—in other words she is a dressmaker, warranted to give satisfaction. They all seem to have an excellent opinion of themselves and each other."

Source: Ocean: Magazine of Travel, Vol. III, No. 2, September 1889, Page 43

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