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The New Anchor Line Caledonia (1863 / 1872)

The steamship Caledonia, belonging to the Anchor Line, which arrived at this port on Tuesday last, is a new addition to the large number of ocean steamships now crossing the Atlantic.


The Caledonia was built in 1863, and last year the Company determined to refit her, and make her a more attractive vessel. In pursuance of this project, she has been lengthened over fifty feet, and is now 320 feet long, 36 feet breadth of beam, and 20 feet 7 inches in depth.


Her engines are on the compound principle, surface-condensing, of 400 nominal horsepower, having a pressure of sixty-five pounds of steam to the square inch. Her saloon is beautifully fitted up.


She has accommodation for 80 Saloon and 550 steerage passengers. The staterooms are fitted up in first-class style, and contain the latest improvements in the introduction of hot and cold water, etc. Electric bells are also attached from each stateroom to the purser's department.

She has three decks, the upper forming a good promenade deck. On this deck are several small smoking and conversation saloons, and the wheelhouse is signalled from the bridge by the patent steering gear.

Senior Officers

The officers of the Caledonia are:

  • Captain: David Ovenstone
  • Chief Officer: John Crary
  • Second Officer: James Neish
  • Third Officer: Robert Inues
  • Surgeon: Francis McBean
  • Purser: John S. Campbell
  • Chief Steward: Daniel McIntyre
  • First Engineer: Charles E. Bulmer

Anchor Line Fleet News

The Caledonia is the third new vessel put on the line this year by the Anchor Company. The first was the Olympia, then the California, and now the Caledonia. Another steamship, the Victoria, has been launched, and is expected to be here in about six weeks. The other steamships now building are the Castalia, Italia, Utopia, Etmopia and the Bolivia. The Anchor Company have now over forty vessels running between the Port of New York and Europe.

Source: New York Times, July 27, 1872

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