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Anchor-Donaldson Line History and Ephemera

Anchor-Donaldson Line Top Banner Logo 1925

Anchor-Donaldson Line offered transatlantic steamship passenger services between the ports of Glasgow, Moville and Liverpool in the UK and the Canadian ports of Quebec and Montreal, Toronto, Halifax, St. John and the US Port of Portland, Maine. Their Sister Ships of Letitia and Athenia offered both Cabin and Third Class accommodations of intermediate class.

The Anchor-Donaldson Line was formed on October 20, 1916 when the Donaldson Line absorbed the Anchor Line, forming a new company to be known as the Anchor-Donaldson Line. Sir Alfred Booth, of the Cunard Line, was named as chairman of the new company.

The Donaldson Line operated a service between Glasgow and Liverpool and the River Plate, touching the more important South American ports. At the beginning of 1916, its fleet consisted of 25 vessels, of an aggregate tonnage of 89,992 tons and an average tonnage of 5,293.

The fleet of the Anchor Line, which had been largerly under Cunard inluence for several years, included 15 vessels, with an aggreagate tonnage of 114,222 tons and average tonnage of 7,615. The Anchor Line operated services from New York to Glasgow, from New York to the Mediterranean, and from England to Egypt and India. (Note 1)

Documents of the Anchor-Donaldson Line in the Archives

Anchor-Donaldson Line Passenger Lists

Anchor-Donaldson Line Brochures

  • 1926-11 Brochure: Anchor-Donaldson Line - Letitia and Athenia. 20 Pages, 16 Large Photographs of Interior Views: Cabin Entrance Hall Lounge, Cabin Bureau, Cabin Drawing Room, Cabin Lounge, Cabin Smoking Room, Verandah Café (Athenia), Cabin Nursery, Cabin Dining Saloon, Cabin Suite, Cabin Two-Berth Stateroom, Cabin Four-Berth Stateroom, and Cabin Entrance Hall from Boat Deck. Other Views included Cabin Promenade and Sun Deck, and Boat Deck, One large Photo of The SS Letitia / Athenia (Sister ships) x2 {}

Note 1: Information Annual 1916: A Continuous Cyclopedia and Digest of Current Events, New York, Cumulative Digest Corporation, © 1917, Page 13.

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