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American Mail Line History and Ephemera

American Mail Line (And Dollar Steamship Lines) - 1934


The American Mail Line was a steamship line that ran between Seattle, Washington, and the Far East.

It was created in 1920, the then rival Dollar's holdings included five vessels operated under the name of the Admiral Line, along with a half-million-dollar investment in the American Mail Line, the fifth largest company on the West Coast.

The American Mail Line continued to operate with a temporary subsidy until June 1938 and then discontinued regular services.

American Mail Line - And their affiliate Dollar Steamship Lines operated Trans-Pacific Routes, primarily from China and Japan to Canada and the United States.

In 1910 the Dollar Steamship Co. was reorganized under the title of the Dollar Steamship Lines, a subsidiary of the Dollar line. In 1922, the Dollar family gained control of Admiral Oriental, changing its name to American Mail Line in 1926.

The American Mail Line operated Trans-Pacific Steamship Routes between the ports of Seattle, Victoria, Yokohama, Kobe, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Manila, Honolulu and many others. The Dollar Steamship Lines and American Mail Line offered Joint Service on many routes.

The lines operating out of the Pacific Northwest region suffered severely by the cancellation of the ocean-mail contracts, for they lacked means of support.

The American Mail Line continued to operate with a temporary subsidy until June 1938 and then discontinued regular services. Only the Dollar Line, operating on reduced schedules pending reorganization, served the California region after 1937.

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American Mail Line Passenger Lists

Vintage Dinner Menus
Dinner Bill of Fare from the American Mail Line
Dinner Menu, SS President Jackson, American Mail Line, 27 October 1930 1930-10-27 Dinner Menu - SS President Jackson
Dinner Menu for Monday, 27 October 1930 On Board the SS President Jackson of the American Mail Line. Menu Featured Lobster Cocktail, Veal and Ham Cromeskies à la Russe, and Salmi of Partridge.


American Mail Line Menus

  • 1930-10-27 Dinner Menu, SS President Jackson, John Griffith, U.S.N.R., Commanding. Menu featured Lobster Cocktail, Poached Black Cod, Brisket of Beef, Corned Beef & Potato Salad, Veel and Ham Cromeskies à la Russe, Salmi of Partridge, Apricot Fritters, Prime Ribs of Beef, Leg of Lamb, and Barttlett Pear Pie. {}
  • 1935-02-16 Dinner Menu, SS President Jackson. M. M. Jensen, U.S.N.R., Commander. Menu featured Sea Food Cocktail, Jenny Lind Pancakes, Apple Jelly, Roast Prime Ribs of Beef, Fried Fresh Flounder, Tapioca and Pineapple Pudding. {}
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