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Collage of Historical Documents Found at the Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives

Since its inception in 1991, the Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives has acquired a number of original immigration and other historical documents from the 19th and early 20th century. These documents form our Special Collections section of the Archives and provide a rich source of information for the researcher and family historian working on their Genealogy.

Teachers of Middle School and higher grades find many of the documents useful to supplement their coursework covering history, immigration and social studies in the classroom. Students will also find these documents particularly useful for illustrating their essays and reports.

Historical Documents - Special Collections

Historical Documents Collection at the Archives

Historical Documents at the Archives - In the Queue For Uploading

  • 1904-01-29 Italian Money Order - Spedizione di danaro in qualunque parte d'Italia a mezzo Vaglia Postali (Shipment of money in any part of Italy by Mail Order) Receipt
  • 1904 Diary of a student, Floyd Ollie James, a glimpse of life as a teenager in the early 1900s.
  • 1911-12-23 Train Ticket - London to Antwerp, 2nd Class - Coupon for the Journey from Roosendaal to Antwerp in addition to ticket contract specifications.
  • 1911 Insurance Rates and Information Flyer - The Ocean Accident & Guarantee Corporation, Ltd. providing Accident Insurance for Tourists and Travelllers.
  • 1911 Quick Guide Flyer: How To See The Principal Cities of Europe and the Famous Localities and Beautiful Scenery in their Vicinity - Thos. Cook & Son, London.
  • 1913-04 Handbook for Travellers from Overseas - Great Western Railway of England. Excellent brochure on the trans-continental British railway services with information on arrangements at Plymouth, Bristol, Liverpool, Fishgard and Queenstown (Cobh). Also includes Sightseeing recommendations for England and information on Paddington Station, London West.
  • 1920-06-14 Citizen Seaman's Identification Card - United States of America - Issued under Section 4588 of the Revised Statues and the regulations prescribed by the President in pursuance of the Act of May 22, 1918 for John Bernard, Seaman on the vessel Monitor, Port of San Francisco.
  • 1921-01-10 Certificate of Discharge, Department of Commerce, Bureau of Navigation, Shipping Service for 18 year old Seaman John Bernard.
  • 1939 French Students' Homework and Composition Book (17 Juin au 3 Août) Devoirs Journaliers. French student's homework including composition, mathematics, geometry, etc. Red marks that appear to be points and grading from a teacher appear in the margins. All text in French. Written in a graph paper booklet from the Normandie (CGT French Line). Composition subjects were general slice of life topics. Handwriting was very stylized yet easy to read. Written just before World War II by an unknown student.
  • 1939-08-08 Special Saving Card - Carte de Voyage Touristique en France 1939 - For 40 Francs, the card provided saving of 40% on Fares on the French National Railways (SNCF). This card was issued just weeks before Germany invaded Poland and the outbreak of World War II on the European continent.
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