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Concerning Breakfasts: A Brief History and Typical Fare

It is an old American idea that luncheon or supper may be light, dinner varied and heavier, but breakfast must be wholesome and nourishing. This is based on the belief that it is natural for man and beast to wake up in the morning with a desire for food and unnatural to try to do the hardest work of the day with but a pretense at eating.

Culinary Terms and Methods

Terminology for cooking has changed little since the 1920s, and Mr. De Graf provides an easy to follow description that can be your recipe for success in the kitchen.

Holiday Dinners

When arranging the holiday menu, plan so that it will be possible to prepare many of the dishes a day or two in advance. Christmas and Thanksgiving are family gathering days. Try to manage so that the family and guests will not feel that the dinner has been too great an effort for the person who prepared the menu.

The Culinary Handbook

With these brief explanations, The Culinary Handbook is placed before the catering fraternity, with the hope that it will be deemed worthy of its title..

The Bridesmaids Luncheon for an August Bride

A LUNCHEON given by one of the bridesmaids to an autumn bride was marked by some pretty and novel features. The color scheme was green and white, and the company, which included all the girl attendants of the bride, together with the matron of honor, were seated at a round table.


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