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COCKIE-LEEKIE - Defined and Recipe

COCKIE-LEEKIE—Name given by the Scotch people for a soup in which a cock fowl and leeks form the principal ingredients.

COCKIE-LEEKIE SOUP—Young fowls (cocks or hens) washed, trussed and lightly roasted, then put into a white stock of veal or chicken with some white parts of shredded leeks, salt, and a few whole peppers; when the fowls are nearly done, they are taken up, the meat picked into shreds and placed into another saucepan with an equal quantity of fresh shredded leeks, the stock the fowls were boiled in being then strained over; this is then brought to the boil, skimmed, then simmered till the leeks are tender (about half an hour), seasoned with salt and pepper, then served.

Made famous as being a featured item on the 14 April 1912 Luncheon Menu of the R.M.S. Titanic.

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