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CLOVES Defined

CLOVES—Name of a valuable spice obtained from the buds of the tree. Used in its whole form for seasoning many stews, sauces, soups, especially turtle soup, where it takes the place of the herb BASIL. It is a valuable addition to apple dumplings, pies and sauces; in its ground state is often adulterated with pimentos and other inferior spices. The word clove is also used to designate a clove or section of garlic.

Cloves (Syrup of).—Puts quarter of a pound of cloves and a quiirt of boiling water into a stewpan, cover it close, and boil them gentlv for half an hour; drain the cloves, and to a pint of the liquor pat two pounds of sugar; beat up two eggs in a little cold water, add them to the above, and simmer the whole till it becomes a strong syrup. When cold, bottle it.

Clove Water—Mix a little cinnamon with the cloves, or the scent will be too strong; allow half a score of cloves to a quart of water; put in a good piece of sugar; let them infuse some time over hot embers, or in a warm place; then strain it for use.

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