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CHARLOTTE—Is the name given to what might be called a shell of bread, cake, lady fingers. etc., cut to fit into a mold or pan, which is then filled with fruits, creams, custards, etc.


Separate the whites from the yolks of twenty eggs. Beat in with the yolks one pound sugar for fifteen minutes. Beat the whites very firm and mix into the yolks. Then mix in lightly one pound flour. Flavor with vanilla. Put into a bag. with lady finger tube, and. with it. lay out in strips, on paper, as for lady fingers, the strips close together, so as to attach when baked. Bake in a pan with a brisk oven. While still hot cut the sheet of strips crosswise into other strips to the depth of and the right length to go around the molds and line the sides of the molds with them. They arc then ready to be filled with the vanilla cream, which when done, set in the ice box to become firm. When about to serve dip the lower edge of the mold in hot water and turn out on a dish.


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