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CEPES - Defined and Recipes

CEPES—A strongly flavored flat headed mushroom, imported in cans, preserved in olive oil.

SAUTE OF CEPES ON TOAST—Drained from their oil, lightly fried in pan, when thoroughly heated, sprinkled with lemon juice and chopped parsley, arranged on toast, and served very hot.

STEWED CEPES ON TOAST—The capes drained from their oil and then cut in slices,
arranged in a saûtoir with chopped parsley, minced onions and garlic, moistened with Espagnole sauce, simmered; served on toast with sauce around.

BROILED CEPES ON TOAST—Drained from their oil, seasoned with salt and pepper, rolled in fresh bread crumbs, broiled; served on toast with Maitre D'Hôtel butter poured over them, and garnished with lemon and parsley.

OMELET WITH CEPES—The cèpes drained, cut in slices, fried in butter with a crushed clove of garlic, taken up and mixed with a little Colbert sauce; served enclosed in a savory omelet, with more of the cèpes in sauce poured around.

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