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BRINE - Defined with Recipe

BRINE—A preserving and flavoring mixture of salt, spices, saltpetre and water—is the best thing to put meats into that are just on the turn; after first washing them and rubbing them over with powdered charcoal or borax, and again thoroughly washing them. For mixture see "corned beef."

Brine, water saturated with chloride of sodium or common salt, like the water of the ocean. It is naturally produced in many parts of the world beneath the surface of the earth, and flows out in springs, or is pumped out for the use of salt manufactories. Brine is also used artificially, for preserving meat.

Unripe Cucumber Pickles (Gherkins)

Wipe four quarts small unripe cucumbers. Put in a stone jar and add one cup salt dissolved in two quarts boiling water and let stand three days. Drain cucumbers from brine, bring brine to boiling-point, pour over cucumbers, and again let stand three days; repeat. Drain, wipe cucumbers, and pour over one gallon boiling water in which one tablespoon alum has been dissolved. Let stand six hours, then drain from alum water. Cook cucumbers ten minutes, a few at a time, in one fourth the following mixture heated to the boiling-poiut and boiled ten minutes: —

1 gallon vinegar
2 sticks cinnamon
4 red peppers
2 tablespoons allspice berries
2 tablespoons cloves

Strain remaining liquor over pickles which have been put in a stone jar.

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