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BLACK COCK - Defined with Recipes

BLACK COCK—Often seen on "bills of fare" as Coq de Bruyere, Heath fowl, Black game and Black grouse.

BRAISED BLACK GROUSE—The bird picked, singed, drawn and wiped, the breast larded with thin strips of seasoned larding pork; placed in a saucepan with some bacon trimmings, carrot, onions, whole cloves and peppers, moistened with a game sauce and a dash of tarragon vinegar, simmered in the oven till tender; when done, taken up, the braise strained Burgundy wine added to it, then reduced; the bird served with some of the sauce poured over it, and garnished with small sausage balls.

BROILED BLACK COCK WITH JELLY—The young birds picked, singed, drawn and wiped, split down the back, backbone and breast bone removed, seasoned with salt and pepper, brushed with butter, broiled; served on toast with a sauce made of jelly and butter melted and beaten together, poured over the bird, a little currant jelly served separate, garnished with chip potatoes, and a sprig of parsley.

SALMIS OF HEATH FOWL—The birds picked, drawn, singed and wiped, disjointed, roasted lightly; placed in a saucepan with game sauce, made from the head, feet, liver, heart, neck and gizzard; simmered till tender, seasoned with sherry wine and essence of mushrooms; served with some of the sauce poured over the bird, and garnished with fried button mushrooms.

ROAST BLACK GAME, BREAD SAUCE—The bird picked, drawn, singed, wiped and trussed, roasted with a slice of bacon tied over the breast, when nearly done, the bacon removed, the breast dredged with flour and melted butter, then browned; served with bread sauce, and some of the gravy poured around.

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