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BEETS - Defined, Dishes and Recipes

BEETS—Are of three colors and kinds red, white and yellow; the white is mostly used in producing beet sugar, the red for culinary purposes, and the yellow for feeding cattle.

BEET GREENS—The leaves of the young beets are washed, put to boil in boiling salted water, containing a small piece of common washing soda: when done, they are strained, pressed, cut up fine, seasoned with salt, pepper and butter; served as a vegetable, or after being pressed they may be rubbed through a fine sieve, and the purée thus obtained, seasoned and served the same as spinach.

PICKLED BEETS —The small smooth beets washed and boiled till tender, skinned, cut in thin slices, placed in a crock, seasoned with salt, pepper, sugar, bay leaves, and covered with vinegar.

BOILED BEETS IN BUTTER SAUCE—Small new beets washed and boiled till done, skinned, cut in sections like those of an orange, placed into the serving crock, and a sauce composed of water, butter, salt, white pepper and vinegar, thickened with flour poured over them.

BEETS FOR GARNISHING—The pickled beets above left whole and cut into the form of flowers, etc., or the slices cut or stamped with fancy cutters.

BEET AND POTATO SALAD—Small balls of cooked beets placed in tarragon vinegar; small balls of boiled potatoes placed in Ravigote sauce; served by arranging them alternately on the dish.

BEET AND EGG SALAD—Slices of pickled beetroot and hard boiled eggs, arranged alternately around a dish, with some pickled white onions in the centre; served with cream salad dressing.

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