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BEARNAISE SAUCE - Defined with Recipe

BEARNAISE—Name of a sauce used with steaks and entrées, composed of minced shallots braised with tarragon vinegar, to which is added a thin velouté sauce, then some beaten yolks of eggs, continually stirred over the fire till like custard, removed, melted butter then beaten in at the rate of three ounces to the pint, seasoned with lemon juice and red pepper, strained, finished by adding chopped parsley and tarragon leaves. Some cooks omit the velouté sauce, and use only butter and egg yolks, thus making a kind of butter mayonnaise, that will very readily disintegrate if allowed to keep hot.

Sauce Béarnaise

Beat yolks three eggs slightly, add three tablespoons olive oil, two tablespoons hot water, three-fourths tablespoon tarragon vinegar, one fourth teaspoon salt, and a few grains’ cayenne. Cook over boiling water until mixture thickens. Color one-half the sauce with tomato puree (tomatoes drained from their liquor, stewed, strained, and cooked until reduced to a thick pulp).

Served with mutton chops, steaks, broiled squabs, smelts, or boiled salmon.


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