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BANANA - Defined, Dishes and Recipes

BANANA—Semi-tropical fruit that grow in bunches sometimes six feet in length and containing four to five hundred bananas, that, when ripe, change either to a bright yellow or purple red color.

The yellow are esteemed for their flavor, while the red are best for cooking, as they are more firm. The merchants in selling the fruit, fix the price according to the number of HANDS the bunch contains.

A hand is a section on the stalk and contains, according to the size of the fruit, from ten to twenty bananas. Bananas may be bought in a green state much cheaper than when ripe.

When bought green, the way of ripening is to hang the bunches up in a dark room, and subject them to a steady heat of seventy-five degrees.

BANANA FRITTERS—Bananas cut slantwise in halves, laid for a while in diluted brandy and sugar, then dipped in batter and fried in plenty of hot fat, taken up, drained, rolled in powdered sugar, and serve with a fruit sauce.

BANANAS BAKED—Bananas split in halves lengthwise, laid in a buttered pan, dusted with powdered sugar, browned quickly in the oven; served with a cocoanut syrup sauce.

BANANAS FRIED—Bananas split in halves lengthwise, dipped in milk, then rolled in flour, fried in clear butter to a golden brown; served with currant jelly.

BANANA COMPOTE—Bananas cut in quarters slantwise, simmered in syrup till done; served on a bed of sweetened rice, with the syrup poured over them.

BANANA ICE CREAM—Bananas peeled and rubbed through a fine sieve; added to the cream to be frozen at the rate of one pound of pulp to the gallon.

BANANA SALAD—Alternate slices of bananas, peeled oranges, and desiccated cocoanut are placed in a fruit dish till full, over which is poured enough brandy and rum mixed with sugar to just moisten the salad.

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