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ASPIC—The name given to a clear savory jelly made from meat, and is used to decorate entrees, pies, hams, tongues, game, pigs' heads, salads, prawns, vegetables, fish, etc.

ASPIC JELLY—Plenty of veal knuckles, calls feet boned and blanched, and a fowl or two are covered with clear water, fetched slowly to a boil, skimmed, a little cold water then added, again brought to the boil and skimmed, carrots, onions, celery, parsley, a little garlic, bay leaves, thyme, mace and whole peppers are then added and simmered slowly for six hours, fat taken off, then strained through a consomme towel, allowed to become quite cold and all fat removed, then placed over a quick fire, brought to the boil, skimmed, removed to cool off a little; while cooling, gelatine at the rate of two ounces to the gallon is added; some lean veal is now chopped fine and mixed with some whipped whites of eggs and egg shells, also a bottle of white wine, this mixture poured into the cooling stock and allowed to come to a slow boil; when just at boiling point a little ice water containing lemon juice is put in, and as soon as coagulation takes place it is drawn to one side and allowed to simmer slowly for an hour longer, then strained through a jelly bag and set away for use.

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