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Communications, Hotels etc. of Trondhjem, Norway as of 1906

Trondhjem can be reached from Christiania both by steamer and rail. The railway station lies north of the town near the harbor. The night express train covers the distance from Christiania to Trondhjem (562 km.) in about 17 hours. The large passenger steamers sail up the river and lay to in the lower harbor, where the passengers can go ashore at once. Busses from the hotels and porters with handcarts meet the traveler both at the quay and the railway station.


(German, French and English spoken).

Britannia Hotel, Dronningens Gade (large stone building with comfortable rooms, central heating, lift, electric light, bath, garden. Much patronized).

Hotel d’Angleterre, Nordre Gade, corner of Karl Johans Gade (electric light, bath). See adv. no. 17.

Grand Hotel, corner of Krambodgaden & Olaf Tryggvessøns Gade.

Hotel Scandinavie, corner of Olaf Tryggvessøns Gade & Krarnbodgaden.

Strums Private Hotel, 24 Nordre Gade, opposite Hotel d’Angleterre. See adv. no. 29.

Fru Matzows Private Hotel, 17 Munkegaden, Market Square.

Fru Havigs Pension & Private Hotel, 18 Rjøbmandsgaden.


In most hotels.


Frimurerlogen (Free Masons’ Hall) Restaurant. See adv. no. 24.

Grand Café, at the theatre (Theatre restaurant). See adv. no. 51.

City Café & Restaurant (in Hotel Scandinavie), corner of Olaf Tryggvessøns Gade & Krambodgaden. See adv. no. 47.

Tivoli (Hjorten) at Lien.

Hjalmar Hansens Restaurant, 30a Kongens Gade.

Café "Bikuben", Olaf Selsbak. See adv. no 51.

Confectioners & cafés

Fr. Hahns Café, 4 Nordre Gade. See adv. no. 28.

Horns Café, 38 Munkegaden. See adv. no. 45.

E. Erichsens Café, 4 Vor Frue Gade.

Places of Entertainment

Tivoli (Hjorten), at Lien (reached by electric tram, variety entertainment, theatre, concert.

Public baths

In Dronningens Gade 1 a, warm baths.

In Harrnonien (Market square).

Østre Folkebad, Nedre Baklandet.

Vestre Folkebad, Hospitalslakkene.

For sea baths

Bathing house on the mole, west of the railway station. Reached by boat from Ravnkloen.

Post & Telegraph Office, corner of Kongens Gade and Nordre Gade, opposite to Vor Frue church.

Tourist offices

F. Beyer, 16 Dronningens Gade, corner of Nordre Gade.

Bennett, 12 Dronningens Gade.

Cook’s Tourist office, corner of Nordre & Kongens Gade.


Four-wheelers can be had at Torvet (Market square) or Lille Torvet, and at Bakke bridge (Baklandet side). There is a table of fares for short distances. Two-horse conveyances cost 50 per cent extra. For drives in the neighborhood of the town there is no fixed price.

The electric tramway runs through the town in the direction of east and west. It is municipal property and managed by the town council.


Belgium, Thams, Chr M., Consul, 30 Nordre Gade.

Brazil Hansen, H. J., Viceconsul, 38 Kjøbmandsgaden. Klingenberg, Ingvar, Consular agent, 1 Krarnbodgd.

Denmark, Finne, Jacob, Consul, 50 Rjabmandsgaden.

U. S. America, Berg, Claus, Consularagent, 46 Kjøbmandsgd.

France, Thams,Chr. M., Consular agent, 30 Nordre Gade.

Italy, Larsen, Hans J., Consular agent, 5 Fjordgaden.

Netherlands, Bachke, Arild, Viceconsul, 17 Fjordgaden.

Russia, Klingenberg, H. F., Viceconsul, 22 Kjøbmandsgd.

Spain, Getz, N. J., Consular agent, 28 Kjøbmandsgaden.

Great Britain & Ireland, Kjeldsberg, Francis, Viceconsul, 15 Olaf Tryggvessøns Gade.

Germany, Jenssen, A., Consul, 40 Kjøbmandsgaden.

Austria & Hungary, Somrnerschield, Edv., Consular agent, 7 Dronningens Gade.

Banks and money-changers

Norges Bank, corner of Kongens Gad e & Kjobmands Gd.

Privatbanken, 14 Sondre Gade. See adv. no. 59.

M. H. Lundgreens Enke, 46 Kjobmands Gade. See adv. no. 11.

Nordenfjeldske Rreditbank, corner of Dronningens Gade & Søndre Gade. See adv no. 33.

Jenssen & Co., 40 Kjøbmands Gade.

Trondhjems Handelsbank, 13 Søndre Gade.

Contents to 1906 Brochure of Trondheim, Norway

  1. Trondhjem
  2. History
  3. Communications, Hotels etc.
  4. Sights of Trondhjem
  5. The immediate neighborhood of Trondhjem
  6. Other excursions in the neighborhood
    • To the waterfalls
    • To the Graakallen
    • To the Selbu lake
    • To the Jonsvandet (John’s lake)
    • To the Stenviksholm & Stiklestad


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