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Trondhem 1888 Directory

Fortegnelse over Gader, Huse og disses Beboere

Hilmar Moe, Adressebog for Trondhjem, © 1888, H. Moe's Bog- & Papirhandel, Trondhjem, Norge, Hardcover, 150 Pages.

  • Ch.1-A: Index of Public Offices and Banks with Address and Name of Manager. 
  • Ch.1-B: Index of Public Houses (Baths, Fire Station, churches, etc.) with Address. 
  • Ch.1-C: Index of Associations and Foundations with a short history and name of board members. 
  • Ch.1-D: Index of Schools with Address, names of teachers and administration personnel.
  • Ch.1-E: Listing of Cabs (Taxi's) with names of drivers. 
  • Ch.2: Alphabetical index of Trondhjem's inhabitants with occupation and address. 
  • Ch.3: Index of Roads and Houses with names of people living there
  • Ch.4: Index of names by Occupation or Trade. 

1888 Adressebog for Trondhjem, Norge

Adressebog for Trondhjem
Hilnar Moe
Moe.s Bog- og Papirhandel
Adresseboken omfatter bedrifter, offentlige virksomheter og privatpersoner. For sistnevnte gruppe er bare hovedpersonene med. Boka er systematisert etter navn, gateadresser og yrker

This address book from Trondhjem shows indexes of people living in the town in 1888.  It is divided into 4 chapters.  Chapter 1 is divided into Parts A-E. Part A gives an index of public offices and banks with address and name of manager.  Part B gives an index of public houses like baths, fire stations, circus, and churches with addresses. Part C gives an index of associations and foundations with a short history and names of board members.  Part D is an index of schools along with addresses and the names of teachers and administration personnel.  Part E is about taxis with names of drivers.

Chapter 2 gives an alphabetical index of the town's inhabitants with occupation and address.  Typically, only the head of household is included in this index. Chapter 3 is an index of roads and houses with names of people living there.  Chapter 4 is an index sorted by different occupations like tailors and merchants in addition to other trades and the names of the people.


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