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Abelsborgs Gade, Trondhjem, Norway - 1888 Directory

Trondhjem Fortegnelse over Gader, Huse og disses Beboere 1888

Count Page / Section Last Name First Name Middle Name Occupation Address Side
1 P27R, P97L, P146R Dissler Martin   Snedker Abelsborgs Gade 10 1
2 P72L, P97L, P144R Persen Bertel   Skomager Abelsborgs Gade 10 1
3 P92L, P97L Viggen Nicolai   Fisker Abelsborgs Gade 10 1
4 P29R, P97L Erbe J. H. Garversv Abelsborgs Gade 12 1
5 P53R, P97L Knudsen Martin   Stuvert Abelsborgs Gade 12 1

1 House numbers for this street did not indicate side

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1888 Trondhjem, Norway Directory

Street / Gate Directory

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