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Ports of Call - Plymouth, England

Arrangements at PLYMOUTH.
TRAVELLERS will note with satisfaction the choice of routes to London which are available from the Port of Plymouth.
1. The DIRECT SHORT ROUTE via Exeter, Taunton, Westbury. Newbury and Reading.
2. The " CATHEDRAL " ROUTE via Exeter, Bristol, Severn Tunnel, Hereford,Worcester, Stratford-on-Avon, Learning ton, Oxford and Reading.
3. The " ROYAL " ROUTE via Exeter, Bristol, Bath. Swindon and Reading.
Passengers for London landing at Plymouth practically save the whole of the time occupied by the voyage up the English Channel and the River Thames.
Great Western steam tenders, specially designed and constructed for the service, meet all vessels on arrival at Plymouth, and land Passengers and their baggage at the Millbay Docks, which are the property and under the management of the Great Western Railway, near the centre of the town. The Tenders are brought alongside the recently enlarged waiting room, and passengers proceed direct into this room, while their baggage is being alphabetically arranged in the adjoining Customs Examination Room. A Refreshment Buffet is available in the Waiting Room, and facilities for despatching cable, " wireless," or inland telegraphic messages.
Great Western Railway officials travel with all tenders and are at the Docks to supply Passengers with information relating to booking of seats, train service, and rail travel in the British Isles.

Passengers should obtain their rail tickets and those travelling first-class see that they receive checks for reserved seats in the Trains. For pal-ties of four first-class or six third-class Passengers the exclusive use of a whole compartment can usually be secured. Passengers who desire to partake of Restaurant Car meals on the Train are recommended to obtain tickets for this service 1z the Conductors in the waiting room.
The Great Western Staff relieve Passengers of all trouble in connection with their baggage. After it has been sorted for Customs Examination, a porter is allocated to each Passenger or Party who will, under supervision of the Passenger, unpack for the formal Official Government Inspection, and afterwards repack, register, label it to destination and convey it direct to the Trains which are waiting immediately outside the baggage rcom. In the case of Passengers travelling direct to London the Railway Company takes possession of all articles, except those the Passenger wishes to take with him in the carriage, until the Train arrives at Paddington Station, the London terminus and Head-quarters of the Great Western Railway of England.
The Passenger must produce his ticket to the baggage checker before the baggage is registered or allowed to leave the Customs House.
If Passengers so desire their baggage can be warehoused at a small charge either at Plymouth or at any other Station. The Railway Company will also, if required, arrange for delivery at destination. Baggage in the following quantities may be taken by every Ocean Passenger without extra charge :
1st Class Passenger .. 240 lbs.
3rd Class Passenger .. .. 120 lbs.
any excess being charged at the ordinary Excess Luggage
rate. Heavy baggage can be left in charge of the Dock Officials to be forwarded by Freight Train, at the cheaper rates applying to this service, a charge of 10d. (21 cents) per package being made for dock dues and services.
TRAINS TO LONDON and all parts:
Ordinary or Special Express Trains will be run from the Docks at Plymouth, to London and elsewhere without delay.
When an ordinary Express Train is used, Railway Carriages are run direct from the Docks, and are attached to the Train at the Plymouth Millbay or North Road Stations.
In the event of the steamers reaching Plymouth when an ordinary fast Train is not available, a Special Train will be run from the Docks for a minimum payment of twenty-five first-class fares or the equivalent, immediately the Passengers are landed and the baggage cleared.
The Special Trains to London perform the journey in a little over four hours, and are equipped with Restaurant Cars, limited Sleeping Car accommodation being provided on the night Trains.
For the convenience of Passengers small tables are provided on application, in the compartments of the Special Trains, at a charge of 6d. (53 cents) each.
Cabs are in attendance at the Baggage Warehouse for Passengers who desire to proceed to any part of Plymouth or to any of the several Hotels in the Town before continuing their journey.
If accommodation be required at the Royal Hotel, Paddington Station, London, the Company's Officials will, upon notification, telegraph free of charge, for reservation to be made. Private Omnibuses can be ordered in the same way. (See page 55.)
Special Reduced Fares are in operation for Ocean Passengers embarking or landing at Plymouth, and for their friends travelling to meet them or see them off, as under :—
FRIENDS OF OCEAN PASSENGERS travelling from other stations on the main line between London and Exeter (via Castle Cary or Bristol), and from stations between Penzance and Truro inclusive, can obtain return tickets to Plymouth at a slight increase over the ordinary single fare, when meeting Passengers arriving by Ocean Liners or with Passengers departing.
In order to obtain tickets at the reduced fares, Friends of Ocean Passengers must, when booking, surrender a special voucher issued on application by the Shipping Agent.
18 17 28 7 30 21 24 11
s. d. s. d. $ c. $ c.
Paddington (Lon-
don) :
Routes Nos. 1 or 3 30 0 Route No. 4 .. 35 9 Cathedral Route :
Via Exeter, Bris-
tol, Hereford, Gt., Malvern, Worces-
ter, Stratford-on- 45 0 Avon, Warwick]
and Oxford,Route
15 0 7 32 3 66
18 3 8 73 4 46
24 0 10 98 5 86
10 4
9 5
14 3 14
10 13 6
11 11 11
6 3
Bath ..
Bristol .. Didcot
Exeter .. Reading .. Salisbury Swindon .. Taunton ..
4 56 2 53
4 15 2 30
6 84 3 64
1 71 96
7 32 3 64
514 257
5 86 3 24
2 73 1 51
26 2 13
24 0 12 0
.36 0 18
9 1 l 5 0 36 3 18 26 6 13 3 31 9 15 11 15 9 7 10
Return Journey.
1st 3rd
Class. Class. a. d. s. d.
40 0
20 0
Single Journey.
English American
Currency. I Currency.
1st 3rd 1st 3rd
Class. Class. Class. Class.

Single tickets and outward halves of ordinary return tickets between Plymouth and London are available for three months, if purchased in America. or on board Ocean Liners from America, and the holders are permitted to stop-over at any station en route, provided the journey be completed within the period named. In other circumstances Plymouth to London tickets are available for fourteen days, and to all other stations for four days.
In addition to the fares shown on page 7, 2s. 6d. (6i cents) per Passenger is charged to cover Dock dues and services rendered in connection with the conveyance of Passengers' baggage to the Baggage Warehouse, its examination there, and conveyance to the Great Western Railway vans or to the Millbay Station. This commuted Dock charge of 2s. 6d. (61 cents) only applies to Passengers who are about to travel by the Great Western Railway to a station not less than 5o miles distant, and to the baggage which accompanies Passengers in the Train. Passengers not proceeding by the Great Western Railway beyond a distance of 5o miles will be charged 6d. (i3 cents) for each Passenger and rod. (2r cents) for each package of luggage for Dock dues and landing charges.
Great Western Railway Time Tables, Pamphlets, etc., are on board the Liners and in the Docks Waiting Rooms for reference.
The Superintendent of the Line, Paddington Station, London, will furnish all particulars to Passengers who wish to avail themselves of the advantages afforded by either of the Great Western routes on the return journey.
On receipt of notification, and the purchase of tickets covering the journey, the Great Western Company will collect Passengers' Luggage within a certain radius in London and the principal towns served, and see that it is placed on the outgoing vessel, at a charge of 1/- (25 cents) per package, up to the weight allowed according to the class of ticket held. Luggage brought to any Great Western Railway Station by Passengers will be conveyed and placed on outgoing vessel at a charge of 6d. (13 cents) per package, up to the weight allowed according to the class of ticket held, which must be produced at the time.

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