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RMS Lusitania in New York Harbor

RMS Lusitania of the Cunard Line in New York Harbor

New York, The Greatest Port in the World (1907)
For the plates from which this most interesting article is printed we are indebted to the "Broadway Magazine." The article so clearly portrays so many interesting features of New York City that we believe even New Yorkers themselves will find it as instructive as it is interesting, and we are sure that out-of-town readers will heartily welcome its reproduction here.

In point of tonnage, New York exceeds London by one million. This is due to a difference in the character of the ports that must be borne in mind in comparing them. London is England's one commercial center and. aside from Liverpool, its only great place of export and import.

The Port of New York: An Overview of the Operations and Problems (1921)
MANY phases of the New York port problem have been under public discussion almost since the port attained its preeminence.

The geographical conditions which themselves made New York the logical gateway of this country by reason of its great expanse of waterfront, its favorable tide conditions, its deep channels and its ready access to the ocean, caused a growth that has no parallel in history.

New York has been an easy and cheap port through which to pass commerce and with its natural facilities has grown without the necessity of careful planning until the very volume of its business is choking it.

Proposed Reorganization of the Port of New York (1921)
AFTER several years’ study of the future need. Of the Port of New York, the New York, New Jersey Port & Harbor Development Commission -created in 1917 by the legislatures of the two States-has transmitted a most comprehensive plan for the future development of the Port to the Governors of New York and of New Jersey.

The magnitude of the transportation operations and the growing burden of congestion and terminal costs presents a situation requiring immediate correction.

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